path: root/test/syck/test_yamlstore.rb
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-08-22* ext/syck: removed. Fixes [ruby-core:43360]tenderlove
2012-06-29Use Syck module after it is defined.naruse
2011-09-27* test/psych/test_yamlstore.rb: use tmpdir for tmpfile.ayumin
2011-06-14Copy YAML::Store to Syck::Store to keep it from yamler.naruse
2011-06-14Explictly specify syck.naruse
2010-04-11* test/syck/test_struct.rb: modified to use only syck engine since thetenderlove
2010-04-11* ext/syck/lib/syck/dbm.rb: moved to lib/yaml/dbm.rb since it is nottenderlove
2010-04-11* test/syck/*: Moved test/yaml to test/syck since it's actuallytenderlove