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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-10-20* test/runner.rb: search srcdir/test/arg at first to find test/rubyakr
2008-10-19* lib/test/unit.rb (Test::Unit.setup_argv): call given block forakr
2008-10-16* lib/test/unit: removed test/unit.akr
2008-10-15Disable minitest autorunner and run manually in order to get test/unit fork/s...ryan
2008-10-10Fixed missing test/unit.rb, bad svn merge. Rolled back test/runner.rbryan
2008-09-29Fix some RDoc and RubyGems test interactions. Fix -n in test/runner.rbdrbrain
2008-09-25I finally clued into the fact that test/unit's -x was for file level filterin...ryan
2008-09-24Allow for -v and other flags to be passed through properlyryan
2008-09-24Added ARGV filtering for tests. Allows for multiple valuesryan
2008-09-23Added changes needed for miniunit. usually from using internal calls that are...ryan
2005-02-17 * lib/test/unit/collector.rb (collect_file): now deletes paths addedntalbott
2004-11-20* test/runner.rb (CROSS_COMPILING): need to require rbconfig.rb beforeeban
2004-04-08* ext/extmk.rb (extmake): skip uncompiled extensions.nobu
2003-12-02* bin/testrb: new test runner. [ruby-core:01845]nobu
2003-10-13* eval.c (rb_feature_p): match by classified suffix.nobu
2003-10-08 * lib/test/unit.rb: removed installation instructions.ntalbott
2003-10-04* lib/soap/netHttpClient.rb: follow http-access2. hosts which matchesnahi
2003-09-30* test/runner.rb: glob for directories.nobu
2003-09-05* lib/optparse.rb (OptionParser#order, #permute, #parse): allow annobu
2003-09-05* test/runner.rb: arguments should be keys.nobu
2003-09-05test/runner.rb: convert Version to numeric array.nobu
2003-09-05test/runner.rb: add Release.nobu
2003-09-05* lib/optparse.rb (--version): fix assignment/reference order.nobu
2003-09-05* test/runner.rb: added. gets testcases from command line and runs it.nahi