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2014-11-13* test/lib/envutil.rb: Moved from test/ruby/.akr
2014-09-02* test/runner.rb: reporting test coverage for test-all with COVERAGE env.hsbt
2014-06-26* test/profile_test_all.rb: move into test library directory.hsbt
2014-06-20* test/lib/tracepointchecker.rb: add to check TracePoint healthiness.ko1
2014-06-16runner.rb: instance variablenobu
2014-06-16* test/runner.rb: failure message should be passed as an argument.ko1
2014-06-16* test/runner.rb: capture TracePoint stat before setup and compareko1
2014-06-14runner.rb: use class variablenobu
2014-06-14runner.rb: check incrementnobu
2014-06-14runner.rb: include event namenobu
2014-06-13* vm_trace.c: add new method TracePoint.stat to debugko1
2014-05-27* test/runner.rb: fixed randomly test failure.hsbt
2014-05-17* test/runner.rb: remove dependency test-unit and minitesthsbt
2013-12-18* test/runner.rb: fix commit miss on r44278.ko1
2013-12-18* gc.c (gc_profile_dump_major_reason): fix this function because major_reasonko1
2013-08-16* test/profile_test_all.rb: refactoring memory profiling tool forko1
2013-08-01Show more portable and detailed info on NoMemoryError ref #8711naruse
2013-08-01Show memory usage on NoMemoryError ref #8711naruse
2013-07-31revert r42255 ref #8711naruse
2013-07-31Show /proc/meminfo on NoMemoryError ref #8711naruse
2013-07-30rescue NoMemoryErrornaruse
2013-07-30remove debugging raise in previous commitnaruse
2013-07-30Show ObjectSpace.count_objects to debug NoMemoryErrornaruse
2013-06-19test/runner.rb: reap zombiesnobu
2012-12-01* test/runner.rb: Set GEM_HOME, GEM_PATH and GEM_SKIP to empty set.drbrain
2012-08-03runner.rb: no installed gemsnobu
2012-07-12test: skip default gemsnobu
2012-06-08test: realpathnobu
2011-07-08* (RUN_OPT): disable gems.nobu
2011-03-22* test/runner.rb: set Gem::TestCase's @@project_dir.naruse
2011-03-09Import rubygems 1.6.2 (release candidate @ 2026fbb5)ryan
2011-02-11* bin/testrb, test/runner.rb, lib/test/unit.rb: improve backwardnobu
2010-12-06* (test-build): test for build process.nobu
2010-10-29* test/profile_test_all.rb: added.ko1
2010-09-16* lib/test/unit.rb (Test::Unit::GlobOption): merged RejectOption.nobu
2010-07-17* lib/test/unit.rb (MiniTest::Unit#process_args): refactored.nobu
2010-07-17* lib/test/unit.rb: MiniTest::Unit is different class fromnobu
2010-07-16* lib/test/unit.rb, bin/testrb, test/runner.rb: revert r28655, whichmame
2010-07-16* lib/test/unit.rb (Test::Unit.setup_argv): run tests only whennobu
2008-10-20* test/runner.rb: search srcdir/test/arg at first to find test/rubyakr
2008-10-19* lib/test/unit.rb (Test::Unit.setup_argv): call given block forakr
2008-10-16* lib/test/unit: removed test/unit.akr
2008-10-15Disable minitest autorunner and run manually in order to get test/unit fork/s...ryan
2008-10-10Fixed missing test/unit.rb, bad svn merge. Rolled back test/runner.rbryan
2008-09-29Fix some RDoc and RubyGems test interactions. Fix -n in test/runner.rbdrbrain
2008-09-25I finally clued into the fact that test/unit's -x was for file level filterin...ryan
2008-09-24Allow for -v and other flags to be passed through properlyryan
2008-09-24Added ARGV filtering for tests. Allows for multiple valuesryan
2008-09-23Added changes needed for miniunit. usually from using internal calls that are...ryan
2005-02-17 * lib/test/unit/collector.rb (collect_file): now deletes paths addedntalbott