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2009-02-15add a test.akr
2009-02-14* hash.c (rb_hash): always return a fixnum value because a returnmame
2009-02-14* array.c (rb_ary_uniq_bang, rb_ary_uniq): unique by the result ofnobu
2009-02-13* test/ruby/test_{proc,method}.rb: updated tests.nobu
2009-02-13* cont.c (rb_fiber_alive_p): fix to return true instead of 1.ko1
2009-02-08* enumerator.c (enumerator_with_index): receives one argument whichmame
2009-02-08specify exception class for rescue clause.akr
2009-02-07test setrlimit in a child process.akr
2009-02-06no need to restore rlimit in child process.akr
2009-02-02* test/ruby/test_readpartial.rb (make_pipe): readpartial does notnobu
2009-02-02adds a test case for r21955 and r21917.yugui
2009-02-02* version.h: bump up to 1.9.2 patchlevel -1.akr
2009-02-02* sample/test.rb (valid_syntax?), test/ruby/test_system.rbnobu
2009-01-31add a test.akr
2009-01-22Recover default_default_internal.naruse
2009-01-22* test/ruby/test_process.rb: mswin specs.usa
2009-01-22* test/ruby/test_process.rb (MANDATORY_ENVS): needs RUBYLIB to runnobu
2009-01-21Add test for String#encode.naruse
2009-01-21 * array.c (take_items): to_ary() raises ArgumentError if cannot tousa
2009-01-19* array.c (take_items), enum.c (enum_zip): tries to convert tonobu
2009-01-14* enc/trans/gb18030.trans, gb18030-tbl.rb:duerst
2009-01-12* win32/win32.c (open_dir_handle): extracted from rb_w32_opendir.nobu
2009-01-11* test/ruby/test_process.rb (TestProcess#test_wait_and_sigchild):naruse
2009-01-10test update for version string.akr
2009-01-09* test/ruby/test_process.rb (TestProcess::MANDATORY_ENVS): somenobu
2009-01-04* enc/trans/gbk.trans, gbk-tbl.rb:duerst
2009-01-04* test/ruby/test_transcode.rb: added tests for GB2312duerst
2009-01-04* enc/trans/big5.trans, big5-tbl.rb:duerst
2009-01-02* test/ruby/test_sleep.rb (test_sleep_5sec): stop gc.mame
2009-01-02* test/ruby/test_process.rb (test_wait_and_sigchild): remove debugmame
2008-12-31* io.c (copy_stream_body): don't check to_io becauseakr
2008-12-29* process.c (rb_waitpid): retries waitpid when EINTR.yugui
2008-12-29* random.c (rb_f_rand): type check simplified. strings are nomatz
2008-12-29* thread.c (rb_mutex_trylock): return false if Mutex ownedko1
2008-12-28* test/ruby/test_sprintf.rb (test_invalid): suppress warning.nobu
2008-12-25* transcode.c (str_transcode0): set encoding when String#encode wasnaruse
2008-12-25* io.c (pipe_close): removed.akr
2008-12-25* io.c (flush_before_seek): check io_fflush result.akr
2008-12-25* test/ruby/test_eval.rb: add new test.usa
2008-12-23* strftime.c (rb_strftime): use locale insensitive functions for tr_TRakr
2008-12-23* io.c (rb_io_inspect): show fd number if there is no pathname.akr
2008-12-22* io.c (rb_io_s_pipe): IO.pipe can take a block.akr
2008-12-17* test/ruby/test_metaclass.rb: removed codes for my debugging.yugui
2008-12-15* test/ruby/test_metaclass.rb: new test case for metaclass hierarchy.yugui
2008-12-14* bignum.c (rb_big_mul): faster multiplication by Karatsuba method andmame
2008-12-13* test/ruby/enc/test_utf16.rb: feature changed in r20626.yugui
2008-12-13* test/ruby/test_m17n_comb.rb: feature changed in r20626.yugui
2008-12-13* test/ruby/test_m17n.rb: feature changed in r20626.yugui
2008-12-11* test/ruby/test_io.rb (test_dup_many): extracted from test_dup.akr
2008-12-11* test/ruby/test_bignum.rb (TestBignum#test_convert): removematz