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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-09-12Remove get_actual_encoding() and the dynamic endian detection for dummy UTF-1...Benoit Daloze
2022-08-19Support Encoding::Converter newline: :lf and :lf_newline optionsJeremy Evans
2021-07-01- add regression tests for U+6E7F (湿) in ISO-2022-JPMartin Dürst
2021-06-26Work around issue transcoding issue with non-ASCII compatible encodings and x...Jeremy Evans
2020-11-22Add string encoding IBM720 alias CP720 (#3803)Lars Kanis
2020-02-24Fixed symbol misused as IDNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-01-11Added assertions for newline decoratorsNobuyoshi Nakada
2019-07-14add encoding conversion from/to CESU-8Martin Dürst
2017-12-12Add FrozenError as a subclass of RuntimeErrorshyouhei
2017-10-21Fix typo in commentsonots
2017-09-06string.c: fix false coderangenobu
2017-08-06add some more assertions to test_ill_formed_utf_8_replace duerst
2017-06-28add two testsduerst
2017-06-06add test_ill_formed_utf_8_replace to test recommended number of \uFFFDduerst
2016-10-28Update windows-1255 tablenobu
2016-05-27transcode.c: scrub in the given encodingnobu
2015-12-16Add frozen_string_literal: false for all filesnaruse
2015-12-15enc/ebcdic.h, enc/trans/ebcdic.trans,duerst
2015-12-14* remove trailing spaces.svn
2015-12-14* enc/ebcdic.h: new dummy encoding EBCDIC-USduerst
2015-07-03transcode.c: empty encoding namenobu
2015-06-26transcode.c: fix race conditionnobu
2014-11-13* test/lib/envutil.rb: Moved from test/ruby/.akr
2014-01-01test_transcode.rb: add messagesnobu
2013-12-30encoding.c: mask dummy flagsnobu
2013-11-22* transcode.c (str_transcode0): don't scrub invalid chars ifnaruse
2013-09-23test_transcode.rb: base encodingnobu
2013-09-23encdb.c, utf_16_32.h: Unicode with BOMnobu
2013-09-04* enc/trans/utf8_mac-tbl.rb: fix r42789.naruse
2013-06-02Suppress warnings: setting Encoding.default_internalnaruse
2013-06-02* enc/trans/japanese_euc.trans, test/ruby/test_transcode.rb,ktsj
2012-08-23Added a test for CoW strings.tenderlove
2012-04-24* enc/euc_jp.c: added EUC-JP-2004 and its alias EUC-JISX0213.usa
2011-06-10* test/ruby/test_transcode.rb (TestTranscode#test_Big5_Hkscs): fixnobu
2011-02-11* test/ruby/test_transcode.rb (test_from_cp50221): fix wrongnobu
2011-02-11* test/ruby: uniquify test names.nobu
2010-12-07* transcode.c (transcode_loop): call default handler of the givennobu
2010-11-29test/ruby/test_transcode.rb (test_unicode_public_review_issue_121):duerst
2010-11-25fix typos.nobu
2010-11-24* enc/trans/utf_16_32.trans: add the UTF-32 converter.naruse
2010-11-23* test/ruby/test_transcode.rb: ASCII-8BIT is not a valid encoding name in Emacs.nobu
2010-11-23* enc/trans/utf_16_32.trans: add a convert from UTF-8 to UTF-16.naruse
2010-11-23* enc/trans/utf_16_32.trans: raise error on unpaired uppernaruse
2010-11-23* enc/utf_16_32.h: add UTF-16 and UTF-32 as a dummy encoding.naruse
2010-11-22* enc/big5.c: split CP950 from Big5.naruse
2010-06-12* enc/trans/utf8_mac.trans (buf_apply): fix for patternsnaruse
2010-05-17* enc/iso_2022_jp.h: add CP50220.naruse
2010-04-13* transcode.c (transcode_loop): insert output the value whennaruse
2010-04-01* enc/trans/iso2022.trans: CP50221 supports 8bit JIS.naruse
2010-01-25* lib/matrix.rb: suppress warnings.akr