path: root/test/ruby/test_autoload.rb
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
5 daysPrevent a warning "Expected ... to define AutoloadTest but it didn't"Yusuke Endoh
7 days[Bug #18813] Warn when autoload has to lookup in parent namespaceJean Boussier
2022-06-06Fix Module#const_source_location for autoload constants with direct requiresJeremy Evans
2022-05-26Fix GC race condition in autoload.Samuel Williams
2022-05-17Restore implicit relationship between `autoload_const` and `autoload_data` du...Samuel Williams
2022-05-17Delete autoload data from global features after autoload has completed. (#5910)Samuel Williams
2021-10-08Remove autoload for constant if the autoload failsJeremy Evans
2020-05-15fix for multi-run test.Koichi Sasada
2020-05-07Suffixed memory leak tests as "memory_leak"Nobuyoshi Nakada
2020-04-07Fix source location of autoloaded constant [Bug #16764]Nobuyoshi Nakada
2020-01-28support multi-run for test/ruby/test_autoload.rbKoichi Sasada
2020-01-28support multi-run for ruby/test_autoload.rbKoichi Sasada
2019-12-11Do not load files in build directoryKazuhiro NISHIYAMA
2019-12-03Do not lose existing constant visibility when autoloadingJeremy Evans
2019-11-19Add a testKazuhiro NISHIYAMA
2019-06-28Suppress void context warning in verbose modeNobuyoshi Nakada
2019-06-21Add an optional `inherit` argument to Module#autoload?Jean Boussier
2019-05-07Avoid triggering autoload in Module#const_defined?(String)Jean Boussier
2018-12-28test_array.rb: increase timeout for RubyCIk0kubun
2018-10-21try to remove some test skips for MJITk0kubun
2018-06-26test: skip 2 major unstable tests with MJITk0kubun
2018-05-10variable.c: fix multiple autoload with identical file (again)normal
2018-05-10revert r63387 and r63389 for nownormal
2018-05-10variable.c: fix autoload object lifetimes and leaknormal
2018-05-10variable.c: fix multiple autoload with identical filenormal
2018-04-20variable.c: fix thread + fork errors in autoloadnormal
2018-02-13variable.c: flags at autoloadingnobu
2018-02-13revert r62392usa
2018-02-13variable.c: flags at autoloadingnobu
2017-10-08Remove unnecessary `require 'thread'`kazu
2017-05-07variable.c: cleanup waitq upon thread deathnormal
2016-02-19test/ruby: suppress runtime warningsnobu
2015-12-16Add frozen_string_literal: false for all filesnaruse
2015-11-09variable.c (rb_autoload_load): allow recursive callsnormal
2015-11-05test/ruby/test_autoload: hoist out ruby_impl_requirenormal
2015-05-18test_autoload.rb: use class_evalnobu
2015-05-16* load.c (loaded_feature_path): stop returning false negatives fortenderlove
2015-05-14* variable.c: Change autoload to call `require` through Ruby rathertenderlove
2014-11-26 * test/ruby/test_autoload.rb (class TestAutoload): change load targettarui
2014-11-13* test/lib/envutil.rb: Moved from test/ruby/.akr
2014-06-01* test/ruby/envutil.rb (default_warning): New method.akr
2014-06-01Use EnvUtil.suppress_warning.akr
2014-06-01Suppress a warning.akr
2014-06-01Suppress a warning.akr
2013-04-20* test/csv/test_features.rb, test/logger/test_logger.rbakr
2012-07-18* test/ruby/test_autoload.rb: remove temporally files early.akr
2012-04-12* test/ruby/test_autoload.rb: clear autoloaded paths.nobu
2011-09-01* insns.def (defineclass), vm_insnhelper.c (vm_get_cvar_base): seenobu
2011-08-31* Re-apply r33078, thread-safe autoload which is reverted at r33093.nahi
2011-08-27* Revert r33078. It caused a Rails application NoMethodError.nahi