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2009-03-07* test/rdoc/test_rdoc_markup_to_html_crossref.rb (verify_convert):nobu
2009-03-07* test/erb/test_erb.rb: reverted space sensitive test results.nobu
2009-03-06* {ext,lib,test}/**/*.rb: removed trailing spaces.nobu
2008-12-27* test/rdoc/test_rdoc_info_formatting.rb (setup, teadown): usesnobu
2008-10-24Import RDoc 2.2.2 r192drbrain
2008-09-29Fix some RDoc and RubyGems test interactions. Fix -n in test/runner.rbdrbrain
2008-09-28* test/rdoc/test_rdoc_info_formatting.rb (teardown): delete tmpdir formame
2008-09-25Import RDoc 2.2.1 r185drbrain
2008-07-22* test/rdoc/test_rdoc_parser_ruby.rb (teardown): close tempfile.mame
2008-07-21Update to RDoc 2.1.0 r112drbrain
2008-07-18Import RDoc r104. Various test fixes.drbrain
2008-07-18Import RDoc r101.drbrain
2008-07-17* test/rdoc/test_rdoc_c_parser.rb (teardown): close tempfile.mame
2008-04-26Import RDoc 2.0.0 r56.drbrain
2008-02-12Allow inline markup to have a leading '#' or '\', or trailing punctuation.drbrain
2008-02-10 * lib/rdoc/code_objects.rb: Make some attributes accessible for reuse.drbrain
2008-01-22* lib/rdoc/ri/formatter.rb: Indent labeled lists like note lists.drbrain
2008-01-19* lib/rdoc/markup: Remove ListBase and Line constants.drbrain
2007-12-28Sort methods in TestSimpleMarkupAttributeManagerdrbrain
2007-12-28Move RDoc tests out of lib/drbrain
2007-01-07Merge RDoc updates from matzruby 11502, 11503, 11504drbrain
2006-12-31Allow RDoc comment to give friendly value for rb_define_const.drbrain