path: root/test/psych/test_yamldbm.rb
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-07-14Merge psych-3.0.0.beta3 from ruby/psych.hsbt
2015-12-16Add frozen_string_literal: false for all filesnaruse
2015-12-07* ext/psych/*: update psych to 2.0.16tenderlove
2014-07-25fix encoding specnobu
2014-06-26Revert "Revert "* lib/yaml.rb: Remove Psych::EngineManager [Bug #8344]""hsbt
2014-05-25Revert "* lib/yaml.rb: Remove Psych::EngineManager [Bug #8344]"naruse
2014-05-25* lib/yaml.rb: Remove Psych::EngineManager [Bug #8344]zzak
2013-03-26* test/psych/test_*.rb: use require_relative to require local libraryxibbar
2012-03-05only run `test_key` on ruby 2.0.0 or uptenderlove
2011-11-07* test/psych/test_yamldbm.rb: Test case should inherit from MiniTest,tenderlove
2011-11-03Don't define tests if there is no psych.naruse
2011-11-01* test/psych/test_yamldbm.rb: avoid platform dependency.ayumin
2011-10-09* test/psych/test_yamldbm.rb: don't run test if the systemktsj
2011-10-02* test/psych/test_yamldbm.rb: add test case.ayumin
2011-09-26* test/psych/test_yamldbm.rb (require): fix #setup and #terdown.ayumin
2011-09-25* test/syck/test/yamldbm.rb: add test for Syck::DBM.ayumin