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2012-10-28* lib/ostruct.rb: Add [] and []=, base on a patch by Thomas Sawyermarcandre
2012-10-28* lib/ostruct.rb: Also accept {Open}Struct as argument to newmarcandre
2012-10-28* lib/ostruct.rb: Add OpenStruct#eql? and OpenStruct#hashmarcandre
2012-10-28* lib/ostruct.rb (each_pair): Add #each_pair [#1400]marcandre
2012-04-24* hash.c, object.c, struct.c, lib/ostruct.rb: add to_h methods.nobu
2012-02-22* lib/ostruct.rb (delete_field): Bug fix so previous value is returned.marcandre
2011-05-27* lib/ostruct.rb (method_missing): Handle [] and []= correctly.marcandre
2010-11-03* lib/ostruct.rb (OpenStruct#delete_field): also undefinenobu
2009-03-06* {ext,lib,test}/**/*.rb: removed trailing spaces.nobu
2009-02-27* lib/ostruct.rb (modifiable): check if really frozen.nobu
2009-02-17* test/ostruct/test_ostruct.rb (test_frozen): added assertions.nobu
2009-02-15* lib/ostruct.rb (OpenStruct#new_ostruct_member): checks if frozen.nobu
2009-01-13* lib/ostruct.rb (OpenStruct#inspect): fixed the recursion check.yugui
2003-09-25 * lib/ostruct.rb: Added OpenStruct#==.ntalbott