path: root/test/openssl/test_pkey_dsa.rb
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-10-17[ruby/openssl] pkey/dsa: let PKey::DSA.generate choose appropriate q sizeKazuki Yamaguchi
2021-12-20[ruby/openssl] pkey: deprecate PKey#set_* methodsKazuki Yamaguchi
2021-10-23[ruby/openssl] test/openssl/utils: remove dup_public helper methodKazuki Yamaguchi
2021-07-18[ruby/openssl] pkey: implement PKey#sign_raw, #verify_raw, and #verify_recoverKazuki Yamaguchi
2021-07-18[ruby/openssl] pkey/dsa: use high level EVP interface to generate parameters ...Kazuki Yamaguchi
2020-05-13[ruby/openssl] Look up digest by name instead of constantBart de Water
2020-05-13[ruby/openssl] Add Marshal support to PKey objectsBart de Water
2020-02-16Import openssl-2.2.0 (#2693)Hiroshi SHIBATA
2017-09-03openssl: import v2.1.0.beta1rhe
2016-11-30openssl: import v2.0.0rhe
2016-08-29import Ruby/OpenSSL 2.0.0.beta.1rhe
2016-06-19openssl: implement initialize_copy method for PKey classesrhe
2016-06-07openssl: adjust tests for OpenSSL 1.1.0rhe
2016-05-20openssl: improve handling of password for encrypted PEMrhe
2016-05-18openssl: clear OpenSSL error queue before return to Rubyrhe
2015-12-16Add frozen_string_literal: false for all filesnaruse
2014-12-13test/openssl: skip old OpenSSLnobu
2012-06-10* ext/openssl/ossl.cemboss
2011-09-01* Release GVL while OpenSSL's public key generation.nahi
2011-06-22* ext/openssl/ossl.h: Introduced OSSL_BIO_reset macro for PEM/DERemboss
2011-06-12* ext/openssl/ossl_pkey.c: added module function that allowemboss
2011-06-12* test/openssl/test_pkey_dsa.rb: Test for DSA#syssign/sysverify.emboss
2011-05-21* test/openssl/test_pkey_dsa.rb: Add tests for sign/verify.emboss
2011-05-14Sat May 14 12:00:54 2011 Martin Bosslet <>emboss