path: root/test/open-uri/test_ssl.rb
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-01-05leakchecker.rb: remove temporary measurenobu
2015-11-10* lib/open-uri.rb: Remove indicator for "frozen_string_literal: true".akr
2015-10-18* lib/open-uri.rb: Specify frozen_string_literal: true.akr
2014-12-13skip old OpenSSLnobu
2014-12-09* test/net/http/test_https.rbusa
2014-11-09* test/open-uri: Test server log in server thread.akr
2014-11-09* test/webrick: Store log in an array.akr
2014-11-08Use assert_join_threads.akr
2014-06-22suppress warnings: using default DH parameters.naruse
2014-05-31Join threads.akr
2012-04-23Wait until the server stops.naruse
2012-04-23skip OpenSSL dependent tests if not availablenobu
2012-04-22Wait until the proxy stops.naruse
2012-04-04Use mount_proc to avoid the delay of writing data to files.naruse
2011-05-15* remove trailing spaces.nobu
2009-12-10unset HTTP_PROXY, etc.akr
2009-09-12test CA certs dir.akr
2009-09-12test proxy log.akr
2009-09-12add https test.akr