path: root/test/minitest/test_minitest_mock.rb
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-12-16Add frozen_string_literal: false for all filesnaruse
2014-05-24* test/lib/minitest/unit.rb (parallelize_me!): Removed.akr
2014-05-24* test/lib/minitest: Remove comments not appropriate now.akr
2013-06-22Imported minitest 4.7.5 (r8724)ryan
2013-05-10Fixed minitest dependency bug by removing env PARALLEL checks (no clue why th...ryan
2013-05-02Imported minitest 4.7.4 (r8483)ryan
2013-03-26* test/minitest/test_*.rb: use require_relative to require local libraryxibbar
2012-11-29Imported minitest 4.3.2 (r8026)ryan
2012-07-11Imported minitest 3.2.0 (r7598). Reviewed by drbrainryan
2012-05-10test/minitest: Correct requiring path to metametameta.rb.nobu
2012-05-09Imported minitest 3.0.0 (r7435) w/ fixes for rubygems. 10955 tests, 2253343 a...ryan
2012-05-04Imported minitest 2.12.1 (r7323)ryan
2011-11-17Imported minitest 2.8.1ryan
2011-10-19Imported minitest 2.6.2 (r6712)ryan
2011-08-23Imported minitest 2.5.0 (r6557)ryan
2011-06-01MOSTLY Imported minitest 2.2.1 (r6277)ryan
2011-05-15* remove trailing spaces.nobu
2011-02-19lib/minitest/*.rb: Imported minitest 2.0.2 r6207ryan
2010-12-01Imported minitest 2.0.0 r5952. Fixed test/unit.rb to work with changesryan
2010-12-01Revert r29986: "Imported minitest 2.0.0 r5952"naruse
2010-11-30Imported minitest 2.0.0 r5952ryan