path: root/test/logger/test_logger.rb
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-12-18[ruby/logger] Test casesBaron Bloomer
2021-09-15[ruby/logger] Ignored loading CoreAssertions in test runnerHiroshi SHIBATA
2020-06-11[ruby/logger] Let Logger#reopen not raise on nil log devicesLourens Naudé
2020-06-11[ruby/logger] Let File::NULL ("/dev/null", "NUL" etc.) be considered a nil lo...Lourens Naudé
2019-12-10[ruby/logger] Honor Logger#level overridesGeorge Claghorn
2019-07-15Move helper file of logger to under the test/logger.Hiroshi SHIBATA
2019-07-15[ruby/logger] Add option to set the binary mode of the log deviceRafael Mendonça França
2019-07-15[ruby/logger] Fix to use logger and test-unit in this repo withsonots
2018-03-17Remove unused variablesk0kubun
2017-07-20logger.rb: Fix handling prognamesonots
2016-11-05test_logger.rb: suppress a warningnobu
2016-04-18Allow specifying logger parameters in constructorsonots
2015-12-16Add frozen_string_literal: false for all filesnaruse
2015-11-17* lib/logger.rb: support symbol and string log level settingsonots
2015-11-17lib/logger.rb: Add Logger#reopensonots
2014-02-21test/logger: splitnobu
2014-02-16* test/net/ftp/test_ftp.rb: remove unused variables.hsbt
2013-12-15test_logger.rb: fix system dependent testnobu
2013-12-14logger.rb: fix extra log ratationnobu
2013-11-07test_logger.rb: clear garbage filesnobu
2013-11-02logger.rb: fix r43511 for Windowsnobu
2013-11-01* lib/logger.rb: Inter-process locking for log rotationnaruse
2013-04-20* test/csv/test_features.rb, test/logger/test_logger.rbakr
2013-03-24* test/ruby/test_require.rb: Remove temporally files in the tests.akr
2013-01-20test_logger.rb: uset tmpfilenobu
2012-11-06* ruby.c (load_file_internal): set default source encoding asnaruse
2012-05-08test: why believe source directories are writable always?nobu
2011-05-15* remove trailing spaces.nobu
2010-05-19* test/logger/test_logger.rb: close logger (or logdevice) if it's related tousa
2009-10-20* test/logger/test_logger.rb (TestLogDevice#test_write): checknobu
2009-10-20 * lib/logger.rb: imported upstream version (logger/1.2.7) see #2238.nahi
2008-11-18* lib/logger.rb (ProgName): fixed for svn, based on a patch fromnobu
2008-09-24* test: assert_raises has been deprecated since a long time ago.nobu
2008-01-23* lib/rexml/text.rb, lib/rubygems/open-uri.rb, lib/open-uri.rb,naruse
2007-12-24* test/logger/test_logger.rb: Module#constants returns an array of Symbols.gotoyuzo
2005-09-15 * test/logger/test_logger.rb: unintentionally overwritten changes bynahi
2005-09-13 * lib/logger.rb (Logger): added formatter accessor to logger fornahi
2005-08-24* test/logger/test_logger.rb (test_shifting_size): should close logusa
2005-08-20 * lib/logger.rb (write, shift_log?, shift_log): file shifting racenahi
2005-03-04* array.c: replace rb_protect_inspect() and rb_inspecting_p() bymatz
2004-11-13Sun Nov 14 08:46:33 2004 NAKAMURA, Hiroshi <>nahi
2004-01-06 * lib/logger.rb(Logger#msg2str): no special treatment for the objectnahi
2003-10-01* test/logger/test_logger.rb: unlinking file before close causes problem undernahi
2003-09-29* lib/logger.rb: check if the given logdevice object respond_to :write andnahi
2003-09-23* lib/logger.rb: add Logger#<<(msg) for writing msg without any formatting.nahi
2003-09-20* reduce expecting size of backtrace.nahi
2003-09-20* lib/logger.rb: typo fixed.nahi