path: root/test/json/test_json_generate.rb
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-05-07* ext/json: Merge JSON 1.7.1.naruse
2012-04-19Run TC_JSONGenerate#test_gc in a separate process.naruse
2012-04-15Add debug prints to inspect TC_JSONGenerate#test_gc's timeout issue.naruse
2012-04-14Adds another timeouts.naruse
2012-04-10More increae timeout.naruse
2012-04-10Increae timeout.naruse
2012-04-10start GC before GC.stress.naruse
2012-04-10Add timeout to TC_JSONGenerate#test_gc.naruse
2012-03-11* ext/json: Merge 164a75c8bd2007d32c4d7665d53140d8fc126dcd.naruse
2011-08-30* ext/json: Merge json gem 1.5.4+ (2149f4185c598fb97db1).naruse
2011-07-10* ext/json: Merge json gem 1.5.4+ (f7f78896607b6f6226cd).naruse
2010-12-01* ext/json: Update github/flori/json from 1.4.2+ tonaruse
2010-04-26* ext/json: Update to JSON 1.4.1.naruse
2009-09-01Add tests of JSON 1.1.9.naruse
2008-09-24* test: assert_raises has been deprecated since a long time ago.nobu
2008-09-20* ext/json: import JSON v 1.1.3.naruse
2007-11-28* ext/json, lib/json, test/json: Update to JSON 1.1.2.naruse
2007-06-06* lib/json/common.rb: Ponder offering parse\! method.naruse
2007-06-06* ext/json, lib/json, test/json: set properties.nobu
2007-06-04* lib/json.rb, lib/json, ext/json, test/json:naruse