path: root/test/gdbm
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-03-06* {ext,lib,test}/**/*.rb: removed trailing spaces.nobu
2008-11-08* ext/gdbm/gdbm.c (fgdbm_index): make #index warn like Hash.matz
2008-09-24* test: assert_raises has been deprecated since a long time ago.nobu
2008-04-23* test/gdbm/test_gdbm.rb (TestGDBM#test_s_open_no_create): failedkazu
2007-10-24forgot to modify TestDBM2 and TestGDBM2.akr
2007-10-24use Dir.mktmpdir.akr
2007-09-28don't generate temporary files under current directory.akr
2007-02-27* test/{dbm,gdbm}/test_{dbm,gdbm}.rb: shouldn't use host_os. useusa
2006-02-20* mkconfig.rb: generate RbConfig instead of Config.akr
2005-08-12dbm/test_dbm.rb: specify pid for Process.wait.akr
2005-07-04* test/{dbm,gdbm,sdbm}/test_{dbm,gdbm,sdbm}.rb: skip some testsusa
2005-06-20* ext/dbm/dbm.c (fdbm_closed): new method DBM#closed?usa
2005-06-04* test/dbm/test_dbm.rb: merged from ext/dbm/testdbm.rb.akr
2004-11-18* hash.c (rb_f_getenv): prohibit for $SAFE=4. [ruby-dev:24908]matz
2004-05-16* ext/dbm/dbm.c (fdbm_initialize): accept optional 3rd argument toakr
2004-05-07add freeze test for dbm and gdbm.akr
2004-04-15add a gdbm test for [ruby-dev:23381]akr