path: root/test/fileutils/test_nowrite.rb
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-04-22Avoid defining the same test class in multiple filesJeremy Evans
2018-03-13Rename test classes to allow stable test count when running test-all -jnobu
2017-01-07lib/fileutils.rb: Specify frozen_string_literal: true.kazu
2015-12-16Add frozen_string_literal: false for all filesnaruse
2013-03-01* lib/fileutils.rb: Revert r34669 which altered the waydrbrain
2012-02-17* lib/fileutils.rb: refactored FileUtil methods to use thetenderlove
2011-02-04* lib/fileutils.rb (FileUtils::LowMethods): make low level methodsnobu
2009-09-11* test/fileutils: use require_relative to require fileasserts.naruse
2005-09-23* lib/fileutils.rb: fix visibility of FileUtils::NoWrite, Verbose, DryRun. [r...aamine
2004-01-29 * test/*: remove $: trick. [ruby-dev:22763] use test/runner.rb tonahi
2003-11-25* test/fileutils/test_fileutils.rb: do test in more deep directory.aamine
2003-11-25* test/fileutils/test_fileutils.rb: chdir Dir.tmpdir before each test. [ruby-...aamine
2003-09-27* test/fileutils/test_fileutils.rb: clear all errors on Windows.aamine
2003-09-17* test/fileutils/fileassertions.rb: new file.aamine