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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-05-10* test/dtrace/helper.rb: ignore empty SUDO. reuse SUDO value by usingnobu
2013-04-06* test/dtrace/helper.rb (DTrace::TestCase#trap_probe): needs to passnobu
2013-03-26* test/dtrace/test_*.rb: use require_relative to require local libraryxibbar
2012-12-17Use EnvUtil.rubybin instead of Gem.rubynaruse
2012-12-01* variable.c (rb_class_path_no_cache): add a function to get the classtenderlove
2012-11-29* vm.c: add a return hook when a method raises an exception.tenderlove
2012-11-29helper.rb: try with sudonobu
2012-11-29* test/dtrace/helper.rb (DTrace::TestCase): check dtrace availabilitynobu
2012-11-28* probes.d: Change function-entry probe to method-entry.tenderlove
2012-11-13Define dtrace test classes only when dtrace existsnaruse
2012-11-12* probes.d: add DTrace probe declarations. [ruby-core:27448]tenderlove