path: root/test/drb/test_drb.rb
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-09-24* test: assert_raises has been deprecated since a long time ago.nobu
2007-11-26 * lib/drb/extserv.rb (initialize, stop_service): synchronize withseki
2007-11-20* test/drb/test_drb.rb: rename TestRubyYield to TestDRbRubyYield toakr
2007-11-19merged from ruby_1_8 branch.seki
2006-12-31 * Merge YARVko1
2005-04-11adhoc patch for [druby-ja:123]seki
2005-02-16update unittest, port from v1.8seki
2005-02-13add safe_leve, default_safe_level ([druby-ja:120])seki
2005-01-03move TestDRbReusePort to new file [ruby-dev:25238]seki
2005-01-01add method DRbService.ext_serviceseki
2004-12-16adjust and reduce sleepseki
2004-01-29 * test/*: remove $: trick. [ruby-dev:22763] use test/runner.rb tonahi
2004-01-21* parse.y (newline_node): do not use NODE_NEWLINE node anymore,matz
2003-12-24* lib/test/unit/assertions.rb: Modules are allowed to rescue.nobu
2003-10-30* io.c (READ_DATA_BUFFERED): new macro to detect whether stdiomatz
2003-10-28change yield2 test. [ruby-dev:21739]seki
2003-10-26add yield test for [ruby-dev:21707]seki
2003-10-22* lib/test/unit/collector/dir.rb (Test::Unit::Collector::Dir#collect_file):nobu
2003-10-21* eval.c (ruby_cleanup): call finalizers and exit procs beforematz
2003-10-20import drb/runit/*.rbseki