path: root/test/dl/test_func.rb
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2010-02-03Wed Feb 3 10:12:09 2010 Aaron Patterson <>tenderlove
2009-12-07* test/dl/test_callback.rb testing callback removaltenderlove
2009-11-13* test/dl/test_cptr.rb (**): using ruby_xfree instead of libc's freetenderlove
2009-11-12* ext/dl/cptr.c (rb_dlptr_s_to_ptr): when wrapping a pointer it shouldtenderlove
2009-11-10* test/dl/test_func.rb (test_strtod): strtod test should not rely ontenderlove
2009-09-10* test/dl: use require_relative to require test_base.rb.akr
2009-03-03* test/dl: moved from ext/dl/test.nobu