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2013-11-24* lib/csv.rb: Optimize header hashes by freezing string keys.jeg2
2013-11-23* lib/csv.rb: If skip_lines is set to a String, convert it to a Regexpjeg2
2013-10-04csv.rb: foreach enumeratornobu
2013-09-24encdb.c, encoding.c: make BOM-encodings dummynobu
2013-09-24test_encodings.rb: remove BOM encodingsnobu
2013-04-20* test/csv/test_features.rb, test/logger/test_logger.rbakr
2013-02-05* lib/csv.rb: Remove the dangerous serialization feature.jeg2
2012-12-27* lib/csv.rb: Added more Hash methods to CSV::Row.jeg2
2012-12-07* lib/csv.rb: A fix for row comparison by Stephen Wattam. [Bug #7528]jeg2
2012-08-21remove trainling spaces.nobu
2012-08-20* lib/csv.rb: Fixes #161 on githubjeg2
2012-07-07* test/csv/test_features.rb: add require for Tempfile.nagachika
2012-05-08test: fix test conditionsnobu
2012-05-08test: why believe source directories are writable always?nobu
2011-07-21* lib/csv.rb: Do not modify CSV.generate's argument [ruby-core:38356]marcandre
2011-05-26* lib/csv.rb: Enhance each() to support Enumerator.jeg2
2011-05-25* lib/csv.rb: Improved stray quoting error message (patch by Edvard Majakari).jeg2
2011-04-27* lib/csv.rb (CSV::open): suppress universal newline decorator.nobu
2011-04-26* strip trailing spaces.nobu
2011-02-22* lib/test/unit.rb: Add new options; --jobs,-j,--ruby,--jobs-status,sorah
2010-12-26* test/with_different_ofs.rb (DifferentOFS): should not affectnobu
2010-12-25* test/csv: DifferentOFS needs to be include in each classes.nobu
2010-12-25test/with_different_ofs.rb: fixed typos.nobu
2010-12-25* test/with_diffent_ofs.rb (DifferentOFS): test suite for testnobu
2010-12-25* test/csv/test_data_converters.rb, test/csv/test_table.rb: don'tnobu
2010-12-25* lib/csv.rb (CSV.foreach): 'rb' mode is defaulted in open.nobu
2010-12-25* test/csv/base.rb (TestCSV.with_diffrent_ofs): give name tonobu
2010-12-25* lib/csv.rb (CSV#init_separators): use IO#gets with lengthnobu
2010-12-25* lib/csv.rb (CSV::foreach, CSV#initialize): directly use encodingnobu
2010-12-25* lib/csv.rb, test/csv: should not assume $, invariant.nobu
2010-12-25* test/csv/test_encodings.rb (TestEncodings#setup): fix evil testnobu
2010-11-17* lib/csv.rb: Upgrading output encoding with ASCII content jeg2
2010-11-16* lib/csv.rb: Upgrading output encoding as needed. [ruby-core:33135]jeg2
2010-06-25* lib/csv.rb: Fixing a bug that prevented CSV from parsingjeg2
2010-05-19* test/csv/test_interface.rb (test_write_hash): may need to set binary modeusa
2010-03-23* lib/csv.rb: Incorporating the fixes from the recentjeg2
2010-01-31* A bug fix for deleting blank Table rows from Andy Hartford.jeg2
2009-08-16rescue Encoding::ConverterNotFoundError.naruse
2009-03-30* test/csv/test_interface.rb, test/csv/test_serialization.rb:jeg2
2009-03-29* test/csv/test_interface.rb: Trying a fix for some failing testsjeg2
2009-03-06* {ext,lib,test}/**/*.rb: removed trailing spaces.nobu
2008-10-25* lib/csv.rb: Fixed a bug in read_to_char() that would slurpjeg2
2008-10-18* test/csv/*: Renamed tc_* files to test_* to fit in within Ruby'sjeg2
2008-10-10* lib/csv/csv.rb: Added support for Encoding::default_internal.jeg2
2008-09-28* lib/csv/csv.rb: Worked around some minor encoding changes in Rubyjeg2
2008-09-25* transcode.c (rb_eUndefinedConversionError): renamed fromakr
2008-09-21* lib/csv/csv.rb: Reworked CSV's parser and generator to be m17n. Datajeg2
2007-12-25* lib/csv.rb: Fixed test failures caused by changes to Ruby.jeg2
2007-12-25* lib/csv.rb: Import the FasterCSV source as the new CSV class.jeg2
2007-12-24* lib/csv.rb, test/csv/test_csv.rb: Removed in preparation for FasterCSVjeg2