path: root/test/csv/test_features.rb
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-12-23Import CSV 3.0.2kou
2018-09-05Merge csv-3.0.0 from ruby/csv repository.hsbt
2018-05-09Merge csv-1.0.2 from upstream.hsbt
2018-04-17test/csv/test_features.rb: enable accidentally-disabled assertionsmame
2017-09-26test_features.rb: fix unused variable warningk0kubun
2017-08-22Fixed equality method fails when given the object that doesn't support table ...hsbt
2017-08-22Escape skip_lines string before convert to Regexp.hsbt
2017-07-28csv.rb: fix incompatibility introduced in r59428glass
2017-07-27csv.rb: use keyword parametersglass
2017-05-16Added accessor of original line when parsing.hsbt
2016-01-01Adding a liberal_parsing option to CSV. Patch by Braden Anderson.jeg2
2015-12-16Add frozen_string_literal: false for all filesnaruse
2014-05-29* lib/csv.rb ( Close the opened file when an exception occur.akr
2014-05-26test_features.rb: fix up r46123nobu
2014-03-20* lib/csv.rb: Fixed a broken regular expression that was causingjeg2
2014-03-01* test/csv/test_data_converters.rb: use descriptive assertions.nobu
2013-11-23* lib/csv.rb: If skip_lines is set to a String, convert it to a Regexpjeg2
2013-04-20* test/csv/test_features.rb, test/logger/test_logger.rbakr
2012-08-21remove trainling spaces.nobu
2012-08-20* lib/csv.rb: Fixes #161 on githubjeg2
2012-07-07* test/csv/test_features.rb: add require for Tempfile.nagachika
2012-05-08test: fix test conditionsnobu
2012-05-08test: why believe source directories are writable always?nobu
2010-12-26* test/with_different_ofs.rb (DifferentOFS): should not affectnobu
2010-12-25* test/csv: DifferentOFS needs to be include in each classes.nobu
2010-12-25test/with_different_ofs.rb: fixed typos.nobu
2010-12-25* lib/csv.rb, test/csv: should not assume $, invariant.nobu
2009-03-06* {ext,lib,test}/**/*.rb: removed trailing spaces.nobu
2008-10-25* lib/csv.rb: Fixed a bug in read_to_char() that would slurpjeg2
2008-10-18* test/csv/*: Renamed tc_* files to test_* to fit in within Ruby'sjeg2