path: root/test/-ext-/bug_reporter/test_bug_reporter.rb
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-08-28Remove --disable-gems in assert_in_out_errPeter Zhu
2023-08-02Allow to override environment variables for debugNobuyoshi Nakada
2023-03-06s/mjit/rjit/Takashi Kokubun
2023-03-06s/MJIT/RJIT/Takashi Kokubun
2022-07-20Match +YJIT in Ruby desc when testing segv (#6141)Noah Gibbs
2022-07-10Fix #5872 for MJIT GitHub ActionsTakashi Kokubun
2022-06-20Include JIT information in crash reportsChris Seaton
2022-01-19Do not create core file if it is intentional abortKoichi Sasada
2021-12-28Use omit instead of skip: test/-ext-/**/*.rbHiroshi SHIBATA
2021-12-13Prepare for removing RubyVM::JIT (#5262)Takashi Kokubun
2021-12-13Rename --jit to --mjit (#5248)Takashi Kokubun
2021-10-28Rename ::YJIT to RubyVM::YJITAlan Wu
2021-10-20Show +YJIT in version string and RUBY_DESCRIPTIONAlan Wu
2021-01-13Rename RubyVM::MJIT to RubyVM::JITTakashi Kokubun
2020-12-04Guard all accesses to RubyVM::MJIT with defined?(RubyVM::MJIT) &&Benoit Daloze
2020-02-13skip SEGV test if RUBY_ON_BUG is specifiedKoichi Sasada
2018-04-28test_bug_reporter.rb: make it work with --jitk0kubun
2016-01-10ext/-test-: reduce feature namesnobu
2015-12-16Add frozen_string_literal: false for all filesnaruse
2015-03-03test_rubyoptions.rb: use assert_in_out_errnobu
2014-11-13* test/lib/envutil.rb: Moved from test/ruby/.akr
2014-10-16Revert r47971, r47972 [ruby-core:65764]normal
2014-10-16Set ASCII-8BIT encoding.akr
2014-10-16test/-ext-/bug_reporter/test_bug_reporter.rb: fix racenormal
2014-10-15* test/ruby/envutil.rb (assert_pattern_list) Renamed fromakr
2013-11-27test_bug_reporter.rb: remove corenobu
2013-10-17* properties.nobu
2013-10-16* error.c, internal.h (rb_bug_reporter_add): add a new C-API.ko1