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2017-07-08* template/ extract SUBMAKEOPTS from sub files too. [Bu...nobu fix multiple rubiesnobu
2017-04-23suppress warning: shadowing outer local variablenaruse refine notes [Feature #13302]nobu separate notenobu
2017-04-20extmk.rb: fail for mandatory librariesnobu
2017-04-12nodoc UnicodeNormalize modulestomar
2017-04-06Freeze RbConfig::SIZEOF and RbConfig::LIMITSnobu
2017-04-06Rename RbConfig::Limits as RbConfig::LIMITSnobu note footer [ci skip]nobu
2017-03-03MINIRUBY for cross-complingnobu by exts.mknobu
2017-02-11parse.y: TOKEN2IDnobu
2017-02-10MFLAGS for nmakenobu remove explicit MFLAGSnobu
2017-01-31limits.c.tmpl: fallback ULLONG_MAXnobu
2017-01-30make FIXNUM_MAX visible from Rubyshyouhei
2017-01-28extmk.rb: remove clean and install modenobu
2017-01-28extension gems in static-linked-extsnobu ruby namesnobu
2017-01-27fix typonaruse
2017-01-27template/ fix missing dependenciesnobu
2017-01-27template/ consider EXEEXTnobu for not GNU makesnobu fix ext buildnobu
2017-01-26Parallel gem configurationnobu embed macrosnobu
2017-01-23Fix for nmakenobu FORCEnobu
2017-01-23Parallel ext configurationnobu
2017-01-23extinit.c.tmpl: drop after dotnobu
2017-01-20Keep -jN optionnobu
2016-12-10Merge Onigmo 6.0.0naruse
2016-10-18Update comments in prelude.c [ci skip]kazu
2016-09-11Use https instead of http in some URLskazu
2016-08-16open Unicode data in binary modenobu
2016-07-22* template/unicode_norm_gen.tmpl: Removeduerst
2016-06-26Remove -jN optionnobu
2016-04-25rbconfig/sizeof: calculate at compilation timenobu
2016-04-25sizes.c.tmpl: extra semicolonnobu
2016-01-18unicode_norm_gen.tmpl: Remove indicatornobu
2016-01-05id.h.tmpl: no optparse herenobu
2015-12-20* lib/erb.rb: revert r53123. It break compatibility like thor and rspec-rails.hsbt
2015-12-15* lib/erb.rb: Render erb with array buffer for function call optimization.hsbt block commentnobu
2015-11-12prelude.c.tmpl: optimizenobu
2015-11-05id.def: token_opsnobu trivial optimizationnobu