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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author template for verconf.hnobu rubyarchhdrdirnobu
2013-03-06defs/ serialize test targets.nobu new templatenobu reordernobu sitearchnobu multiarch optionnobu arch dependent library directory optionsnobu RUBY_VERSION_NAMEnobu
2012-12-21id.h.tmpl: ID2ATTRSETnobu
2012-12-21id.def: check duplicationnobu
2012-12-21id.def: other scope IDnobu
2012-12-04id.c: generatenobu
2012-12-04id.h.tmpl: remove unused idnobu
2012-12-03id.h.tmpl: move empty?nobu
2012-12-01vm_method.c: make initialize methods privatenobu
2012-11-22Drop executable bits of files that are not executable.knu
2012-10-06encoding.c: unicode_pnobu
2012-10-05* template/Doxyfile.tmpl: remove SHOW_DIRECTORIES andtakano32
2012-09-26* insns.def: add new instruction `opt_empty_p' for optimize `empty?'ko1
2012-08-31id.h: independent from parse.hnobu
2012-08-25generic_erb.rb: --vpath optionnobu
2012-08-17id.h.tmpl: preserved idsnobu
2012-08-17id.h.tmpl: joke method namesnobu
2012-08-17* id.c: move vm_opts.h dependency.nobu remove duplicationsnobu
2012-05-03* template/Doxyfile.tmpl (EXCLUDE_PATTERNS): exclude files only for tests.nobu
2012-05-03* template/Doxyfile.tmpl: exclude generated files.nobu
2012-02-21* template/ added rubylibprefix, {rubylib,vendor,site}dirnobu
2011-11-09* template/Doxyfile.tmpl (INCLUDE_PATH): add srcdir and include.nobu
2011-09-08* template/yarvarch.ja:ayumin
2011-02-11* template/ (CROSS_COMPILING): get rid of NameError.nobu
2011-01-26* template/id.h.tmpl: parenthesize macro arguments.akr
2011-01-23* template/ (ruby): suppress warnings.nobu
2010-12-12* template/id.h.tmpl: suppress all warning: "SUPPORT_JOKE" is notkazu
2010-12-10* template/id.h.tmpl (ruby_method_ids): suppress warnings.nobu
2010-11-05* template/ (arch, sitearch): reordered.nobu
2010-10-30* (ruby_pc): erase runtime-defined variables andnobu
2010-10-30* win32/Makefile.sub (ruby_pc): ignore missing variables.nobu
2010-10-26* template/ (Libs): needs DLDFLAGS.nobu
2010-10-25* (pkgconfig-data): create pkg-config metadata file.nobu
2010-08-03* ext/mkext.rb: remove purelib, fixes a bug in r28440, r28441.naruse
2010-07-21* template/ get rid of embeding an absolute path.nobu
2010-06-20* id.c (Init_id): add underscore name.nobu
2010-04-24* template/ no need for hook if extmk.nobu
2010-04-06* template/ not define $extout to make target in cwd.nobu
2010-04-06* template/ hooks for extconf.rb.nobu
2010-02-24* insns.def: Change the operand type of setinlinecacheko1
2009-11-24* include/ruby/intern.h (rb_strerrno): declared.akr