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2005-04-20fixed error on rdoc generationocean
2005-03-07* string.c (rb_str_cmp_m): should not return false but nil.matz
2005-02-12* ext/etc/etc.c (Init_etc): sGroup needs HAVE_ST_GR_PASSWD check.matz
2005-01-20* string.c (rb_str_new4): should propagate taintedness.matz
2004-12-29* string.c (rb_str_justify): [ruby-dev:25367]matz
2004-12-28* string.c (rb_str_justify): create buffer string after argument typenobu
2004-12-09* string.c (rb_str_inspect): escape # which starts an expressionnobu
2004-11-29* object.c (convert_type): [ruby-core:03845]matz
2004-11-25* io.c (read_all): [ruby-dev:24955]matz
2004-11-22* file.c (rb_file_chown): integer conversion should be prior tomatz
2004-11-20* string.c (rb_str_splice, rb_str_upcase_bang): cleanups.eban
2004-11-20* test/ruby/test_stringchar.rb (test_bang): added.eban
2004-11-18* process.c (proc_getpgrp): prohibit for $SAFE=2.matz
2004-11-16* numeric.c (flo_divmod): protect float values from GC bymatz
2004-11-05* string.c (rb_str_locktmp): check STR_TMPLOCK flag beforematz
2004-11-04* gc.c (gc_mark): enable GC stack checking.matz
2004-10-30* string.c (rb_str_locktmp): lock string temporarily.matz
2004-10-27* string.c (str_gsub): use STR_NOCAPA.nobu
2004-10-27* string.c (RESIZE_CAPA): check string attribute before modifyingmatz
2004-10-27* string.c (str_gsub): use a string object for exception safeness.nobu
2004-10-21* string.c (rb_str_include): should not treat char as negative value.nobu
2004-10-20* string.c (str_gsub): reentrant check. [ruby-dev:24432]matz
2004-10-19* io.c (read_all): block string buffer modification duringmatz
2004-10-18* indent and tabifynobu
2004-10-18* string.c (rb_str_upto): method result must be checked. [ruby-dev:24504]nobu
2004-10-06* io.c (rb_io_s_sysopen): preserve path in the buffer allocated bymatz
2004-10-02* string.c (rb_str_sum): check was done with false pointer.matz
2004-09-18* array.c (rb_ary_equal): element size might change duringmatz
2004-08-17* io.c (rb_io_reopen): should clear allocated OpenFile. pointedmatz
2004-07-24* range.c (rb_range_beg_len): returns Qnil only when "beg" pointsmatz
2004-07-07* string.c (rb_str_match): raise TypeError when both arguments areusa
2004-06-05* string.c (str_new4): should share shared instance if it alreadymatz
2004-05-14* range.c (range_each_func): terminates loop if generating valuematz
2004-05-07* eval.c (rb_eval): too many line trace call. (ruby-bugs PR#1320)matz
2004-04-14* array.c, enum.c, eval.c, file.c, io.c, numeric.c, object.c, prec.c,nobu
2004-04-05* eval.c (top_include): include in the wrapped load is done formatz
2004-03-15* eval.c (rb_yield_0): should not re-submit TAG_BREAK if thismatz
2004-01-19* io.c, re.c, string.c, time.c: fixed up positions of RDocs.akira
2003-12-30Add RDoc for kernel functions, and tidy updave
2003-12-25* string.c (rb_str_update): don't return any value.usa
2003-12-25* string.c (rb_str_update): call rb_str_modify().matz
2003-11-30* string.c (rb_str_update): get rid of SEGV at just allocated String.nobu
2003-11-05* string.c: add #include "version.h". this file still depends on it.usa
2003-11-04* class.c, hash.c, string.c: remove #include "version.h".eban
2003-11-04* io.c (read_all): fptr->f may be NULL, if IO is closed in thematz
2003-11-01* string.c (rb_str_hash): Update the HASH_PERL alternative hashknu
2003-10-16* string.c (rb_str_upto): ("a"..."a").to_a should return [].matz
2003-10-13* string.c (str_new4): should not preserve FL_TAINT status in thematz
2003-09-05* eval.c (mark_frame_adj): need to adjust argv pointer if usingmatz
2003-08-27* eval.c (rb_eval): *a = [1,2] now assigns [[1,2]] to a.matz