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2012-03-30merge revision(s) 35146:naruse
2012-03-06merge revision(s) 34927:marcandre
2012-02-08merge revision(s) 34236: [Backport #5890]naruse
2012-02-08* string.c (rb_str_modify_expand): fix memory leak.nobu
2012-02-07* removed trailing spaces.nobu
2011-07-01* string.c (tr_trans): free heap ptr when the str is not embeded.naruse
2011-06-17* internal.h: declare internal functions here.akr
2011-06-09* string.c: Fix the ambiguous description of the behavior ofmrkn
2011-06-01Clarified String#tr rdoc. (RickHull)ryan
2011-05-27* string.c (rb_str_bytesize): rb_str_bytesize() should use LONG2NUM().kosaki
2011-05-09* string.c: Improve documentation for String#start_with? andnaruse
2011-04-24* string.c (rb_to_id): remove unused variable.kosaki
2011-04-20* string.c (rb_str_each_line): check string's length when comparenaruse
2011-03-07cancel subversion backfire. sorrymatz
2011-03-07* gc.c (rb_gc_set_params): allow GC parameter configuration bymatz
2011-03-07* string.c (tr_trans): suppress signedness/unsignedness warnings.nobu
2011-03-03* string.c (rb_str_slice_bang): raise error when the string is frozen.naruse
2011-03-02* string.c (str_byte_substr): return nil for negative length.nobu
2011-03-02* string.c (rb_str_slice_bang): move treatments which is only needednaruse
2011-03-01* string.c (rb_str_byteslice): the resulted encoding should keepnaruse
2011-03-01Fix rdoc of String#byteslice. Feature #4447naruse
2011-03-01* string.c (rb_str_byteslice): Add String#byteslice. [ruby-core:35376]naruse
2011-02-28* string.c (tr_trans): when the hash for multibyte repl is empty,naruse
2011-02-15* string.c (rb_enc_cr_str_buf_cat): remove special treatment ofnaruse
2011-02-06Ensure result encoding is the same as input encoding for String#gsub. [Bug #...drbrain
2011-02-04 * string.c (str_utf8_nth): fixed a conditon of optimized leadkosaki
2011-02-03 * string.c (count_utf8_lead_bytes_with_word): wrote functionkosaki
2011-01-30* string.c (rb_str_ellipsize): new function to ellipsize a string.nobu
2011-01-26* include/ruby/ruby.h (ALLOCV): new API for exception-safenobu
2011-01-26* string.c (=~): documentation fix; the return value is nil whennaruse
2011-01-24* string.c (rb_str_resize): get rid of out-of-bound access.nobu
2011-01-24* string.c (rb_string_value_cstr): rb_str_modify can changenobu
2011-01-22* string.c (str_nth_len, str_utf8_nth): return the rest length together.nobu
2011-01-08fix spaces.akr
2011-01-06* string.c: parenthesize macro arguments.akr
2011-01-05* string.c: fix rdoc typo.shyouhei
2010-12-11* string.c (rb_str_inspect): fix: extra back slash is added whennaruse
2010-12-01* string.c (rb_memhash): zero-filled strings should returnnobu
2010-12-01* string.c (rb_str_inspect): fix typo (not 0xFD but 0xFE).naruse
2010-11-30* string.c (rb_str_inspect): inspect as a dummy encoding stringnaruse
2010-11-24* string.c (rb_str_inspect): treat UTF-16 and UTF-32 as BE or LE.naruse
2010-11-22* string.c (rb_str_inspect): fix for ascii-compatible externalnobu
2010-11-22* string.c (rb_str_inspect): append for each chars instead of bulknobu
2010-11-22* string.c (rb_str_concat): set ENC_CODERANGE_VALID when thenaruse
2010-11-03* string.c (rb_enc_cr_str_buf_cat): concatenation of validnobu
2010-10-28* string.c (rb_str_dump): fix expected length. [ruby-core:32935]nobu
2010-10-24* array.c, gc.c, hash.c, object.c, string.c, struct.c,nobu
2010-10-19Commit miss.nobu
2010-10-19* test/ruby/test_sprintf.rb: fix ML ref. [ruby-core:32848]nobu
2010-10-13* numeric.c (rb_num_to_uint): added to check the range of arguments.naruse