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2015-01-23hash.c: move Hash specific functionsnobu
2015-01-22fix flonum hashing regression from r45384normal
2014-11-15* internal.h: Include ruby.h and ruby/encoding.h to beakr
2014-11-13internal.h: STATIC_ASSERTnobu
2014-10-04st.c: update st_reverse_foreachnobu
2014-10-02st.c (new_size): use next_pow2 functionnormal
2014-09-21* st.c (do_hash_bin): unused macro.nari
2014-09-21* st.c (numberof): unused. internal.h has same macro.nari
2014-07-23UNALIGNED_WORD_ACCESS on ppc64nobu
2014-07-06st.c: fix uninitialized variablenobu
2014-07-06st.c: remove equality checksnobu
2014-07-06st.c: re-calc hash_val before addingnobu
2014-07-06st.c: update the key too if changednobu, missing.h: jemalloc manglingnobu
2014-04-20 * st.c (st_foreach_check): chnage start point of search at checktarui
2014-03-31st.c (st_init_table_with_size): update commentnormal
2014-03-22st.c: use power-of-two sizes to avoid slow modulo opsnormal
2014-03-14* st.c (st_update): remove unnecessary assignmentnormal
2014-03-04 * st.c (st_foreach): fix type of hash. not st_data_t but st_index_t.tarui
2014-01-18st.c: hash_posnobu
2013-12-05st.c: tweaked commentduerst
2013-11-28* st.c: add st_values() and st_values_check().glass
2013-11-28* st.c (st_keys): fix not to use Qundef in
2013-11-27* st.c (st_keys): define st_keys(). it writes each key to
2013-11-14hash.c, st.c: fix for ST_CHECKnobu
2013-10-10st.c: revert st_keysnobu
2013-10-10* st.c (st_keys): define st_keys() for performance improvement ofglass
2013-07-16* st.c (st_locale_insensitive_strcasecmp): Renamed from st_strcasecmp.akr
2013-07-16* revert r42008. strcasecmp() uses the current
2013-07-16* check strcasecmp().glass
2013-04-25* st.c (st_shift): remove unused variable.nobu
2013-04-25* benchmark/bm_hash_shift.rb: add benchmark for Hash#shiftcharliesome
2013-04-19Fixed comment typo, found by @ThePablickzzak
2013-04-10* regint.h: fix typo: _M_AMD86 -> _M_AMD64.naruse
2012-11-17st_update passes the key in st_tableshirosaki
2012-03-31* st.c (st_foreach_check, st_foreach): remove ancient check. Thisnobu
2012-03-31* st.c (st_delete): use real_entries in st_delete for packed tablesnobu
2012-03-30* st.c (st_foreach_check): remove the entry by replacing with nevernobu
2012-03-29* st.c (st_update): pass pointer to key to the callback function.nobu
2012-03-29* st.c (st_update): add existing parameter to the callback function.nobu
2012-03-10* st.c: pack tables also generic keys. patched by Sokolov Yura atnobu
2012-03-10* st.c: add st_foreach_check for fixing iteration over packed tablenobu
2012-03-10* st.c: fix packed num_entries on delete_safe. patched by Sokolovnobu
2012-03-05* st.c (unpack_entries): chain entries directly. based on a patchnobu
2012-03-05* st.c (unpack_entries): use union instead of casted pointer.nobu
2012-03-05* st.c: use PACKED_ENT and FIND_ENTRY. patched by Sokolovnobu
2012-03-05* st.c (unpack_entries): reallocate bins if packed array sizenobu
2012-02-07* st.c: refactor packed entries using structs.nobu
2012-02-07* st.c (st_update): table can be unpacked in the callback.nobu
2012-02-07* st.c (st_foreach): should not yield same pair when checkingnobu