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2018-06-30Fix spec/ruby/command_line/rubylib_spec.rb for use with make test-speceregon
2018-06-28Revert "rb_enc_alias"mame
2018-06-28fix feature name and removed a duplicate conditionnobu
2018-06-28check enc_capable.ko1
2018-06-27Update to ruby/spec@98c7d74eregon
2018-06-27Update to ruby/spec@a454137eregon
2018-06-27Update to ruby/spec@41068a6eregon
2018-06-27Update to ruby/mspec@7074b56eregon
2018-06-27process.c (waitpid_wait): do not set ECHILD prematurelynormal
2018-06-27Revert "spec: skip Process wait specs on MJIT"normal
2018-06-23spec: skip Process wait specs on MJITk0kubun
2018-06-20skip when group name is not foundnobu
2018-06-19describe about NameError by #private_constantnobu
2018-06-19NULL class Data_Wrap_Struct is not allowed.ko1
2018-06-18Removed unobservable behaviornobu
2018-06-17compare with correct valuesnobu
2018-06-15Remove warnings of flip-flop deprecation from tests and specsmame
2018-06-14HTTPServerException is deprecatedusa
2018-06-13* append newline at EOF.svn
2018-06-13Update to ruby/spec@4bb0f25eregon
2018-06-13Update to ruby/spec@4bc7a2beregon
2018-06-04String#uminus dedupes unconditionallynormal
2018-06-03Add TracePoint#parametersmame
2018-05-30object.c: Add a new alias `then` to `Kernel#yield_self`; [Feature #14594]matz
2018-05-29spec/ruby: revert r63503 and r63508nobu
2018-05-27Specs must keep working on older versions and other implementationseregon
2018-05-24spec/ruby: fix RUBY_DESCRIPTION check with JIT enabledk0kubun
2018-05-17range.c: === by cover?nobu
2018-04-29* spec/ruby/command_line/dash_upper_i_spec.rb: skip symlink on Windows likeusa
2018-04-28Generalize the check to MRI in the -I speceregon
2018-04-28Ignore the extension of miniruby on Windows in the -I speceregon
2018-04-28Update to ruby/spec@6f38a82eregon
2018-04-28Update to ruby/mspec@b5b13deeregon
2018-04-28rexml: disable XPath 1.0 compatible "#{ELEMENT_NAME}" processing by defaultkou
2018-04-25Avoid "should_not raise_error" in Thread#raise speceregon
2018-04-25Fix style in Thread#raise speceregon
2018-04-25Use Thread.pass in loop{} to check interrupts more ofteneregon
2018-04-22Same as the last commit (comment out tests for CI).ko1
2018-04-22Skip some tests to make CI healthy.ko1
2018-04-19dir.c: warning for NULnobu
2018-04-16string.c: fix dumped suffixnobu
2018-03-31use requrie_relativenobu
2018-03-31use require_relativenobu
2018-03-31file_types.rb: use the current terminal devicenobu
2018-03-26Update to ruby/spec@a585ec3eregon
2018-03-26Update to ruby/mspec@8b54bf3eregon
2018-03-23parse.y: else without rescuenobu
2018-03-13Bug Fix Enumerator::Lazy#uniq state for multiple callnobu