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2018-08-27Update to ruby/spec@007e908eregon
2018-08-27* append newline at EOF.svn
2018-08-27Update to ruby/spec@a89819deregon
2018-08-27* append newline at EOF.svn
2018-08-27Update to ruby/spec@09fa86ceregon
2018-08-27Simplify guards, the behavior seems Linux-specificeregon
2018-08-24Add AIX guardsnaruse
2018-08-22Also skip on AIXnaruse
2018-08-21Update to ruby/spec@dd828d6eregon
2018-08-21Update to ruby/mspec@269f9cderegon
2018-08-21Only run the spec on Linuxeregon
2018-08-21Revert r64483eregon
2018-08-21AIX also timeouts the specnaruse
2018-08-20Try 4 times for WIN32OLE specseregon
2018-08-20Revert r64471eregon
2018-08-20spec/ruby/core/io/select_spec.rb: workaround stuck IO.selectnormal
2018-08-19don't run specs add at r64409 on Windowsnaruse
2018-08-19select() on all platforms for Socket#recvmsg_nonblock speceregon
2018-08-18Guard spec which only works on Linuxeregon
2018-08-18Special case for Solaris 11x on RubyCIeregon
2018-08-18Be more flexible in the protocol value returned by getaddrinfo()eregon
2018-08-18Adapt pack_sockaddr_in specs for Solariseregon
2018-08-18Use ftp for the service in getaddrinfo/getnameinfo/getservbyname specseregon
2018-08-18Simplify to a more standardized Socket SCM constant in specseregon
2018-08-18Add guards for Solaris for socket specseregon
2018-08-18Adapt spec to consider Solariseregon
2018-08-18Use instead of localhost in Addrinfo specseregon
2018-08-18Accept TypeError for Socket#getnameinfoeregon
2018-08-18Always set autoclose=false for IO.for_fd fdseregon
2018-08-18Re-add socket specseregon
2018-08-18Revert r64441eregon
2018-08-18thread_sync.c (rb_mutex_synchronize): only unlock if we own the mutexnormal
2018-08-17Guard spec failing on Solariseregon
2018-08-17Add guard for Solaris in Socket#connect_nonblock speceregon
2018-08-17Guard connect_nonblock spec on FreeBSDeregon
2018-08-17Guard with a :pktinfo feature specs relying on PKTINFOeregon
2018-08-17Re-add specseregon
2018-08-17Add a note how to run specs under older Ruby versionseregon
2018-08-17Fix typo in version guarderegon
2018-08-17Add version guards for Enumerator::ArithmeticSequenceeregon
2018-08-17spec/ add a note about version guardseregon
2018-08-17Integrate new specs for ConditionVariable#wait to prevent regressionseregon
2018-08-16skip examples failing on solarisnaruse
2018-08-16apply r64239 to macOS toonobu
2018-08-15spec/ruby/optional/capi/ext/io_spec.c: guard unreachable codenobu
2018-08-15spec/ruby/optional/capi/ext/io_spec.c: guard unreachable codenobu
2018-08-15-Wsuggest-attribute=noreturn on io_spec_rb_io_wait_readablenobu
2018-08-14spec/ruby/optional/capi/io_spec.rb: fix fragile spec from unpredictable errnonormal
2018-08-14non-symbol keys in kwargsnobu
2018-08-12skip non-IP interfacesnobu