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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-10-16Spec: Fix spec/ruby/core/array/reject_spec.rb & miscmarcandre
2018-10-13Add missing requirenobu
2018-10-13tests: support Linux kernels with CONFIG_IPV6=nnormal
2018-10-13kill_spec.rb: exclude spec unstable on MinGWk0kubun
2018-10-10spec/.../ole_method.rb: retry WIN32OLERuntimeErrork0kubun
2018-10-10spec: add comments to re-enable specs for MinGW [ci skip]k0kubun
2018-10-10terminate_spec.rb: exclude unstable spec for MinGWk0kubun
2018-10-09use `should include`.ko1
2018-10-08Timezone at Time#+ and Time#-nobu
2018-10-08Timezone support by Time [Feature #14850]nobu
2018-10-07add_spec.rb: skip unstable spec on mingwk0kubun
2018-09-29Revert search_convpath specshirosaki
2018-09-26Use String arguments for #search_convpatheregon
2018-09-25Expand spec files to realpathsnobu
2018-09-25Update to ruby/mspec@2bca8cberegon
2018-09-25Update to ruby/spec@241f9e7eregon
2018-09-25Update to ruby/mspec@3fb5112eregon
2018-09-22Skip a cleanup if new_ole failednobu
2018-09-20Matrix: Add #reflexive? method. [Fix GH-1730]marcandre
2018-09-20Enumerable#to_h with block and so onnobu
2018-09-18Lazy Enumerator reduce intermediate array creationnobu
2018-09-18Tests of Enumerator::Yielder#yield with multiple argumentsnobu
2018-09-16Alias Struct#select as Struct#filter. Patch by Kenichi Kamiya.marcandre
2018-09-15get rid of newer syntax for old versionsnobu
2018-09-15Expand spec files to realpathsnobu
2018-09-15rid of warnings [Fix GH-1953]nobu
2018-09-09spec/ruby/library/socket/addrinfo: require for SocketSpecsnormal
2018-09-05Add platform guards for AIXeregon
2018-09-05Guard a few specs which ipv6_available?eregon
2018-09-04Spec updates [Bug #15060] [Fix GH-1495]nobu
2018-08-28Tag a couple specs failing on AIXeregon
2018-08-28Update to ruby/spec@6fd9472eregon
2018-08-27Rewrite Etc.sysconf spec to allow nil or Integer for all variableseregon
2018-08-27SC_TZNAME_MAX can also be infiniteeregon
2018-08-27* append newline at EOF.svn
2018-08-27Update to ruby/spec@007e908eregon
2018-08-27* append newline at EOF.svn
2018-08-27Update to ruby/spec@a89819deregon
2018-08-27* append newline at EOF.svn
2018-08-27Update to ruby/spec@09fa86ceregon
2018-08-27Simplify guards, the behavior seems Linux-specificeregon
2018-08-24Add AIX guardsnaruse
2018-08-22Also skip on AIXnaruse
2018-08-21Update to ruby/spec@dd828d6eregon
2018-08-21Update to ruby/mspec@269f9cderegon
2018-08-21Only run the spec on Linuxeregon
2018-08-21Revert r64483eregon
2018-08-21AIX also timeouts the specnaruse
2018-08-20Try 4 times for WIN32OLE specseregon
2018-08-20Revert r64471eregon