path: root/spec/ruby/core
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-07Update to ruby/spec@6cf8ebeeregon
2019-01-28Add refinements support to method/instance_method.nobu
2019-01-27Update to ruby/spec@e57f49ceregon
2019-01-20Update to ruby/spec@35a9fbaeregon
2019-01-15setbyte / ungetbyte allow out-of-range integersshyouhei
2019-01-11Drop whole examplesnobu
2019-01-11Fix r66791nobu
2019-01-11Fix r66772nobu
2019-01-10proc.c: proc without blocknobu
2018-12-30Exclude Solaris in Process.clock_gettime specseregon
2018-12-30Revert "clock_gettime_spec.rb: exclude invalid clocks for Solaris"eregon
2018-12-30clock_gettime_spec.rb: exclude invalid clocks for Solarisk0kubun
2018-12-30Update to ruby/spec@2d89e48eregon
2018-12-29Skip specs on AIX as it doesn't have /dev/fderegon
2018-12-29Reenable spec on Solaris to find out which clocks fail on Solariseregon
2018-12-29Exclude CLOCKs which require special permissions in Process.clock_gettime specseregon
2018-12-29Reenable spec on Linux to find out which clocks fail on RHELeregon
2018-12-29Refactor Process.clock_gettime spec to give more information when it failseregon
2018-12-29clock_gettime_spec.rb: add more platform guards for RubyCIk0kubun
2018-12-29spawn_spec.rb: add missing platform guardk0kubun
2018-12-29clock_gettime_spec.rb: skip a new spec broken on solarisk0kubun
2018-12-29Update to ruby/spec@c8b36c4eregon
2018-12-29Update to ruby/spec@944ea57eregon
2018-12-27Fix restorationnobu
2018-12-27Suppress warningsnobu
2018-12-26spec/ruby/core/process/setpriority_spec.rb: allow to run under dockermame
2018-12-16spec/../initialize_spec.rb: skip fd-specific speck0kubun
2018-12-11Same as r66334 add Errno::EISDIRnaruse
2018-12-04fix typo of r66177naruse
2018-12-04Use getent and cut on Solaris to get home directorynaruse
2018-12-04Use Dir.home to avoid platform dependencynaruse
2018-12-03Use /bin/echo instead of shell builtin echonaruse
2018-12-03spec/ruby/core/io/*_spec.rb: explain MJIT failuresnormal
2018-11-29Revert "using_spec.rb: skip broken test for MinGW for now"k0kubun
2018-11-28using_spec.rb: skip broken test for MinGW for nowk0kubun
2018-11-27Update to ruby/spec@cdd6ff7eregon
2018-11-27restore using_spec.rbko1
2018-11-27enable another assertionko1
2018-11-27enable at least one behaviorko1
2018-11-27to debug
2018-11-22io + socket: make pipes and sockets nonblocking by defaultnormal
2018-11-22Enable refinements at Object#respond_to?nobu
2018-11-22Enable refinements to public_send.nobu
2018-11-20Skip known MJIT random test failuresk0kubun
2018-11-19io.c: ungetbyte silently ignores upper bitsshyouhei
2018-11-04Refine Timezone class in test-specnobu
2018-10-27spec/../shared/exit.rb: move the mingw guard to herek0kubun
2018-10-27Update to ruby/spec@8b743a3eregon
2018-10-16Spec: Fix spec/ruby/core/array/reject_spec.rb & miscmarcandre
2018-10-13kill_spec.rb: exclude spec unstable on MinGWk0kubun