path: root/spec/default.mspec
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-09-20Adapt tools to follow spec/rubyspec => spec/ruby renameeregon
2017-09-03default.mspec: suppress warningsnobu
2017-06-16default.mspec: limit coresnobu
2017-05-29default.mspec: remove useless flagsnobu
2017-05-15default.mspec: ignore unavailable FDsnobu
2017-05-07* spec/default.mspec: only require rbconfig if is it not already.eregon
2017-04-25Use require to load rbconfig in default.mspeceregon
2017-04-25revert r58478 and r58479 because they do not support not in-place buildko1
2017-04-25Use require_relative to load rbconfig in default.mspeceregon
2017-04-25Remove useless else which produced a warningeregon
2017-04-09default.mspec: defer job tokensnobu
2017-04-05default.mspec: job servernobu
2016-11-09default.mspec: end of optionsnobu
2016-04-21default.mspec: OBJDIRnobu
2016-04-21spec/default.mspec: reduce expand_pathnobu
2015-02-25* spec/default.mspec: use default configuration file name.hsbt
2015-02-25* spec/default.mspec: remove specific version number.hsbt
2015-02-15default.mspec: use RbConfig::CONFIGnobu
2015-02-15default.mspec: no -I- flagnobu
2014-08-17* remove trailing spaces.svn
2014-08-17* spec/default.mspec: use 2.2 definition.hsbt
2012-04-16* spec/default.mspec: expand relative path for ruby_exe which usesnaruse
2010-08-03* ext/mkext.rb: remove purelib, fixes a bug in r28440, r28441.naruse
2010-05-08* spec/default.mspec (config): . is no longer in $:.yugui
2009-05-22* spec/default.mspec: follows runruby.rb's move at r23542.yugui
2009-04-30* runruby.rb: use RbConfig::CONFIG instead of Config::CONFIG.akr
2009-01-01* spec/default.mspec: fix for builddir != srcdiryugui
2008-12-31* spec/README: follows the change of directory structure in rubyspec.yugui
2008-12-04* spec/default.mspec: follows changes in rubyspec project.yugui
2008-10-31* spec/default.mspec: supports that the build directory != srcdir.yugui
2008-08-31* spec/default.mspec (config): added.yugui
2008-08-04Improved compatibility for mspec.yugui