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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-19Fix typos [ci skip]Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA
2020-10-15Partly reverted test failing with SHIBATA
2020-10-15Merge bundler-2.2.0.rc.2Hiroshi SHIBATA
2020-09-28[rubygems/rubygems] Move comment below shebang in bin/console templateSteven Peckins
2020-09-23bump Bundler's version to 2.2.0.rc.1Hiroshi SHIBATA
2020-09-17Fix typos [ci skip]Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA
2020-07-31[rubygems/rubygems] https functionality was merged into `net/https`David Rodríguez
2020-07-15Import remaining changesDavid Rodríguez
2020-07-15[rubygems/rubygems] Tag the specs with :readlineUtkarsh Gupta
2020-07-15[rubygems/rubygems] Add tests with different flag combinationsUtkarsh Gupta
2020-07-15[rubygems/rubygems] Allow setting a tag prefix to be used by gem release tasksDavid Rodríguez
2020-07-15[rubygems/rubygems] Fix line spacing to make Layout/EmptyLines happyUtkarsh Gupta
2020-07-15[rubygems/rubygems] Remove unneeded trailing conditions on exitstatusDavid Rodríguez
2020-07-15[rubygems/rubygems] Easier way to find path to ruby binaryDavid Rodríguez
2020-07-15[rubygems/rubygems] Remove unnecessary assertions on exitstatusDavid Rodríguez
2020-07-15[rubygems/rubygems] No need to update remotesDavid Rodríguez
2020-07-15[rubygems/rubygems] Git clone already takes care of thisDavid Rodríguez
2020-07-15[rubygems/rubygems] Clone rubygems from the local repoDavid Rodríguez
2020-07-15[rubygems/rubygems] Skip this spec on ruby_core workflowUtkarsh Gupta
2020-07-15[rubygems/rubygems] Use latest version of rubocop for RUBY_VERSION > 2.4Utkarsh Gupta
2020-07-15[rubygems/rubygems] Use `--config .rubocop.yml` insteadUtkarsh Gupta
2020-07-15[rubygems/rubygems] Lock rubocop version to 0.80.1Utkarsh Gupta
2020-07-15[rubygems/rubygems] Fix linting and make Style/RedundantInterpolation happyUtkarsh Gupta
2020-07-15[rubygems/rubygems] Fix test to run rubocop on the generated gemUtkarsh Gupta
2020-07-15[rubygems/rubygems] Make Style/HashSyntax cop happyUtkarsh Gupta
2020-07-15[rubygems/rubygems] WIP: add test to run rubocop on the generated gemUtkarsh Gupta
2020-07-15[rubygems/rubygems] Fix tests pertaining to newgemUtkarsh Gupta
2020-07-15[rubygems/rubygems] Show also output from all commands on rubygems checkout e...David Rodríguez
2020-07-15[rubygems/rubygems] Remove `--quiet` flag to `git checkout`David Rodríguez
2020-07-15[rubygems/rubygems] Bundler specs - Windows - remove skips, => File...MSP-Greg
2020-07-15[rubygems/rubygems] bundler/spec/commands/binstubs_spec.rb - remove global Wi...MSP-Greg
2020-06-18[rubygems/rubygems] Make sure to pass URI's to `:git`David Rodríguez
2020-06-18[rubygems/rubygems] Better skip messagesDavid Rodríguez
2020-06-18[rubygems/rubygems] More portable PATH editionDavid Rodríguez
2020-06-18[rubygems/rubygems] Only add .rubocop.yml when --rubocop flag is passedUtkarsh Gupta
2020-06-18Ship default .rubocop.ymlUtkarsh Gupta
2020-06-18[rubygems/rubygems] Only add .rubocop.yml when --rubocop flag is passedUtkarsh Gupta
2020-06-18Undeprecate the `--no-cache` flagDavid Rodríguez
2020-06-18s/sys_exec!/sys_execDavid Rodríguez
2020-06-18[rubygems/rubygems] Remove now unused "bang helpers"David Rodríguez
2020-06-18[rubygems/rubygems] s/run!/runDavid Rodríguez
2020-06-18[rubygems/rubygems] s/ruby!/rubyDavid Rodríguez
2020-06-18[rubygems/rubygems] s/gem_command!/gem_commandDavid Rodríguez
2020-06-18[rubygems/rubygems] s/install_gemfile!/install_gemfileDavid Rodríguez
2020-06-18[rubygems/rubygems] s/bundle!/bundleDavid Rodríguez
2020-06-18[rubygems/rubygems] Prefer using bundle! to avoid unnecessary swallowing of e...Frank Lam
2020-06-18[rubygems/rubygems] Move already configured --test hint to before test file c...Frank Lam
2020-06-18[rubygems/rubygems] Move already configured --ci hint to before CI file creationFrank Lam
2020-06-18[rubygems/rubygems] Lower verboseness of user-facing text for bundle gemFrank Lam
2020-06-18[rubygems/rubygems] Make test framework/CI configuration for bundle gem consi...Frank Lam