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2014-05-18signal.c: use mcontext_tnobu
2014-05-18signal.c: check stack overflow by SPnobu
2014-05-12signal.c: check the next page toonobu
2014-05-11signal.c: directly deliver non-handlable signalsnobu
2014-05-10signal.c: directly enqueuenobu
2014-05-09* signal.c (trap): Return "SYSTEM_DEFAULT" if SIG_DFL is set.akr
2014-05-09signal.c: if to switchnobu
2014-04-09* signal.c (check_stack_overflow): Don't use ucontext_t if ucontext.hakr
2014-04-04signal.c: check stack overflow by SPnobu
2014-03-31signal.c: preserve encodingnobu
2014-02-27adjust indent and stylenobu
2014-01-27signal.c: static literal stringnobu
2013-12-03signal.c: fault addressnobu
2013-11-21* eval_intern.h (SAVE_ROOT_JMPBUF): workaround for the failure ofusa
2013-10-26signal.c: adjust indentnobu
2013-10-06signal.c: get rid of system namenobu
2013-09-12signal.c: adjust stylenobu
2013-07-14signal.c: suppress a warningnobu
2013-07-12signal.c: for valgrindnobu
2013-05-14* signal.c: need to include unistd.h for write(2).usa
2013-05-12* signal.c (rb_f_kill): fixes typo. s/HAS_KILLPG/HAVE_KILLPG/.kosaki
2013-04-09Fixed comment typo by @qqshfox [fix GH-279]hsbt
2013-03-25envutil.rb: signal in Process::Statusnobu
2013-03-19* internal.h: added a declaration of ruby_kill().kosaki
2013-02-24signal.c: fix typenobu
2013-02-24* signal.c (sigsegv): suppress unused result warning. Becausekosaki
2013-02-22* signal.c (ruby_abort): fix typo in r39354 [Bug #5014]ngoto
2013-02-21signal.c: extract check_stack_overflownobu
2013-02-21* signal.c (sigsegv): avoid to use async signal unsafe functionskosaki
2012-12-23* thread.c: rename methods:ko1
2012-12-15* signal.c (rb_sigaltstack_size): cast sysconf() return valuekosaki
2012-12-15* signal.c (default_handler): remove rb_register_sigaltstack()kosaki
2012-12-15* signal.c (rb_sigaltstack_size): new. calculate stack size forkosaki
2012-12-14* signal.c (rb_f_kill): remove rb_thread_polling() because thiskosaki
2012-12-01adjust style.nobu
2012-11-27* ruby_atomic.h (ATOMIC_CAS): added for Solaris and other platforms.ngoto
2012-11-26* thread.c (thread_join_m): use th->interrupt_mask instead ofkosaki
2012-11-26* ruby_atomic.h (ATOMIC_CAS): new macro for compare-and-exchange.kosaki
2012-11-26* signal.c (signal_exec): add volatile to make sure setjmp safe.kosaki
2012-11-26* signal.c (signal_exec): suppress "warning: variable 'signum'kosaki
2012-11-26* vm_core.h (rb_thread_struct): added 'in_trap' member for markingkosaki
2012-11-19* signal.c (rb_get_next_signal): removed pointless signalkosaki
2012-11-19* signal.c (install_sighandler): added comments why we needkosaki
2012-11-19* signal.c (rb_disable_interrupt, rb_enable_interrupt): removedkosaki
2012-11-19* signal.c (sig_signame): implements Signal.signame methodkosaki
2012-11-09* ruby_atomic.h: renamed from atomic.h to avoid header file name conflictngoto
2012-09-13* signal.c (rb_f_kill):zzak
2012-08-23* Fixing Haiku build.naruse
2012-07-09* dln.c: Simplify and make consistent an ifdef for Mac OS X.kosaki