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2003-01-20* regex.c (is_in_list): should work weill with UTF-8.matz
2003-01-07* hash.c (env_clear): new Hash compatible method.matz
2003-01-01* eval.c (massign): removed awkward conversion between yvalue,matz
2002-12-19Be consistent on the use of the implicit $_.knu
2002-12-19Fix a bug.knu
2002-12-19The use of $_ and ~/RE/ is discouraged.knu
2002-12-19Strive to give better examples.knu
2002-11-18* bin/irb: Moved from sample/irb.rb.knu
2002-07-26* sample/mkproto.rb: ditto and fix bug.eban
2002-07-11* string.c (rb_str_slice_bang): if there's no correspondingmatz
2002-06-28* re.c (rb_reg_expr_str): need to process backslashes properly.matz
2002-06-24* eval.c (rb_eval): NODE_EVSTR is no longer used.nobu
2002-06-22updated to the new version (based on date2 3.3).tadf
2002-06-13ext/, lib/singleton.rb: remove nested ""s.matz
2002-06-11* eval.c (rb_eval): ruby_frame->last_func may be null, if it'smatz
2002-06-06* sample/biorhythm.rb (getPosiiton,etc)H_Konishi
2002-05-18updated to the new version (based on date2 3.2.1).tadf
2002-05-17* sampl/test.rb: use eval instead of './miniruby -c',eban
2002-05-14* eval.c (rb_clear_cache_by_class): new function.matz
2002-03-19* re.c (rb_reg_search): should clear last_match if pos is out ofmatz
2002-03-12* regex.c (re_compile_pattern): '\0111' should be '\011' plus '1',matz
2002-03-08* eval.c (cvar_cbase): utility function to find innermost nonmatz
2002-02-25commit miss.nobu
2002-02-25* sample/test.rb (system): test with scripts under the sourcenobu
2002-02-19* file.c (path_check_1): do not warn on world writable *parent*matz
2002-02-19* eval.c (rb_eval_string_wrap): should hide the toplevel localmatz
2002-02-15* bignum.c (rb_big_rshift): should properly convert the nagativematz
2002-02-13* parse.y (stmt): local variable declaration order was changedmatz
2002-01-16* st.c: primes should be primes.matz
2001-12-18* sample/test.rb: Hash#indexes -> Hash#select.eban
2001-12-10* array.c (rb_ary_modify): should copy the internal buffer if thematz
2001-11-19* parse.y (str_extend): should not terminate string interpolationmatz
2001-11-13* signal.c (sighandle): should not re-register sighandler ifmatz
2001-11-08* process.c (security): always give warning for insecure PATH.matz
2001-10-22* class.c (rb_mod_clone): should not copy class name, since clonematz
2001-06-23* eval.c (svalue_to_avalue): new conversion scheme between singlematz
2001-06-22* eval.c (rb_yield_0): no mvalue_to_svalue conversion here.matz
2001-06-19* eval.c (svalue_to_mvalue): new function to convert from svaluematz
2001-06-08* gc.c (Init_stack): avoid __builtin_frame_address(2) to retrievematz
2001-05-26Synchronize MANIFEST with reality. Add missing files.knu
2001-05-07Obsoleted by IRB.knu
2001-05-06forgot some checkins.matz
2001-04-30Merge from irb 0.7.3.knu
2000-12-28changes from personal modifies -- matzmatz