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2015-06-18* safe.c: removed needless doc related $SAFE=2kazu
2015-06-18* include/ruby/ruby.h: $SAFE=2 is now obsolete.hsbt
2015-06-18* safe.c: removed needless doc related $SAFE=3hsbt
2015-06-18* safe.c: rename old method name for $SAFE=3hsbt
2015-06-17* safe.rb (safe_setter): of course, don't have to warn the limitation ofusa
2015-06-17* include/ruby/ruby.h: $SAFE=3 is now obsolete.hsbt
2014-11-25safe.c: preserve encodingnobu
2014-11-25safe.c: preserve encodingnobu
2014-02-14* include/ruby/intern.h,akr
2013-07-20safe.c: ruby_safe_level_4_warningnobu
2013-06-13ruby.h: safe_level checknobu
2013-06-12* safe.c (rb_set_safe_level, safe_setter): raise an ArgumentErrorshugo
2013-05-24call rb_frame_callee() only oncenobu
2011-09-29* use RB_TYPE_P which is optimized for constant types, instead ofnobu
2010-11-23fixed very important banners.tadf
2009-06-23* file.c (rb_get_path_check): check with given safe level.nobu
2008-11-07* safe.c (safe_setter): add warning for $SAFE=3.matz
2008-09-23* eval_safe.c, safe.c: rename eval_safe.c to safe.c.ko1