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2006-07-20* ruby.h: export classes/modules to implement sandbox.matz
2006-05-16* re.c (rb_reg_initialize): should not allow modifying literalmatz
2006-05-16* re.c (rb_reg_initialize): should not modify untainted objects inmatz
2005-12-13* re.c (rb_reg_regcomp): fix a GC problem on x86_64 withakr
2005-11-23* re.c (KR_REHASH): should cast to unsigned for 64bit CPU.matz
2005-09-28* class.c (rb_mod_init_copy, rb_class_init_copy), file.c (rb_stat_init_copy),nobu
2005-05-23* re.c (make_regexp): should not return junk address duringmatz
2005-03-16* eval.c (rb_call0): reorganize "return" event post.matz
2005-02-06* bignum.c (rb_big2ulong_pack): One too many arguments are passedknu
2004-12-06* process.c (proc_setgroups): [ruby-dev:25081]matz
2004-10-19* io.c (read_all): block string buffer modification duringmatz
2004-10-02* string.c (rb_str_sum): check was done with false pointer.matz
2004-04-14* array.c, enum.c, eval.c, file.c, io.c, numeric.c, object.c, prec.c,nobu
2004-04-05* eval.c (top_include): include in the wrapped load is done formatz
2004-02-22 * re.c: corrected documentation format (again)gsinclair
2004-02-22 * re.c: corrected documentation format (rb_reg_initialize_m)gsinclair
2004-01-19* io.c, re.c, string.c, time.c: fixed up positions of RDocs.akira
2004-01-08* eval.c, object.c, process.c, re.c: don't use C++ style comments.eban
2003-12-30Add RDoc for kernel functions, and tidy updave
2003-12-26MG added RDoc comments for re.cdave
2003-11-04* io.c (read_all): fptr->f may be NULL, if IO is closed in thematz
2003-10-30* parse.y (logop): left may be NULL. [ruby-talk:84539]matz
2003-10-29* re.c (rb_reg_s_union, Init_Regexp): new method `Regexp.union'.akr
2003-09-01* re.c (rb_memsearch): fix overrun. [ruby-talk:80759]nobu
2003-08-16* marshal.c (w_symbol, w_object): get rid of warnings.nobu
2003-07-25* re.c (rb_reg_options_m): use rb_reg_options() to mask internalnobu
2003-07-17* re.c (match_captures): rename from "groups".matz
2003-07-09* re.c (match_entry): add prototype to avoid VC++ warnings.usa
2003-07-03* array.c (rb_values_at): extract common procedure frommatz
2003-05-19* object.c (init_copy): rename copy_object as initialize_copy,matz
2003-05-19* re.c (rb_reg_quote): \n \r \f \v quoting was wrong.aamine
2003-05-16* object.c (rb_class_allocate_instance): singleton class checkmatz
2003-05-06* object.c (rb_obj_methods): list singleton methods if recurmatz
2003-05-04* array.c (rb_ary_values_at): new method to replace select(index..).matz
2003-03-29* eval.c (avalue_to_svalue): use rb_check_array_type() again.matz
2003-02-07* intern.h, re.c (rb_memsearch): returns long.nobu
2003-02-06* re.c (rb_reg_initialize_m): shoule not preset "kcode" unlessmatz
2003-02-06* re.c (rb_reg_initialize_m): 3rd argument was ignored.matz
2003-02-03* re.c (rb_reg_initialize_m): unfotunate serious typo.matz
2003-02-03* object.c (Init_Object): default Object#=== now calls "=="matz
2003-02-03* re.c (rb_memsearch): a little improvement.nobu
2003-02-03* re.c (rb_memsearch): algolithm body of String#index.matz
2003-01-16Updated Copyrights of Matz to 2003.michal
2002-12-21* array.c (ary_alloc), dir.c (dir_s_alloc), eval.c (thgroup_s_alloc),usa
2002-12-20* parse.y (do_block): split "do" block and tLBRACE_ARG block.matz
2002-12-19* re.c (rb_reg_match_pre, rb_reg_match_post, match_to_a,nobu
2002-12-19* numeric.c (num_step): use DBL_EPSILON.matz
2002-12-17* re.c (rb_reg_nth_match): tail sharing.nobu
2002-12-12* re.c (rb_reg_hash): define Regexp#hash to make regexps to bematz
2002-12-11* io.c (io_read): takes optional second argument to specify amatz