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2016-05-25* re.c (unescape_nonascii): scan hex up to only 3 characters.naruse
2016-05-19fix document of Regexp#match?kazu
2016-05-19re.c: fix match?nobu
2016-05-19re.c: match? should return nil if no matchnobu
2016-05-18* re.c (reg_names_iter): specify capacifynaruse
2016-05-18re.c: fix typenobu
2016-05-18* re.c (rb_reg_match_m_p): Introduce Regexp#match?, which returnsnaruse
2016-05-18* re.c (match_ary_subseq): get subseq of match array without creatingnaruse
2016-05-17re.c: fix up r55036nobu
2016-05-17* re.c (match_aref): remove useless condition and call rb_fix2int.naruse
2016-05-17* re.c (match_values_at): MatchData#values_at supports named capturesnaruse
2016-05-02* re.c (str_coderange): to avoid function call when the string alreadynaruse
2016-04-28* re.c (rb_reg_prepare_enc): use rb_enc_asciicompat(enc) instead ofnaruse
2016-02-18* re.c: Add MatchData#named_capturessorah
2016-02-12Update re.c [ci skip]nobu
2016-02-09* re.c: Remove deprecated kcode argument from and compilezzak
2016-02-04fstring without copynobu
2016-02-04revert re.c in r53736nobu
2016-02-04return shared stringnobu
2016-02-02* re.c (rb_reg_prepare_enc): use already compiled US-ASCII regexpnaruse
2016-02-02* re.c: Introduce RREGEXP_PTR.naruse
2016-01-14variable.c: matched backrefs onlynobu
2015-12-17re.c: names encodingnobu
2015-10-07re.c: indent [ci skip]nobu
2015-09-15encindex.h: ENCINDEXnobu
2015-08-26re.c: fix wchar match at EOSnobu
2015-08-03re.c: fix for wide character encodingsnobu
2015-07-17encoding.h: ENC_CODERANGE_CLEAN_Pnobu
2015-06-24* re.c: Update documentation for Regexp class.hsbt
2015-06-17* include/ruby/ruby.h: $SAFE=3 is now obsolete.hsbt
2015-04-14use frozen string of symbolsnobu
2015-02-21re.c: RMatch::regexp can be nilnobu
2014-12-29re.c: append excape sequence as-isnobu
2014-12-01re.c: rb_reg_region_copynobu
2014-12-01re.c: check if onig_region_copy failednobu
2014-11-15* internal.h: Include ruby.h and ruby/encoding.h to beakr
2014-11-06* re.c (unescape_nonascii): cast -1 for the case char is unsigned char.naruse
2014-10-17re.c: mak eregexps with binary escapes ASCII-8BITnobu
2014-07-30get rid of function calls in RSTRING_PTRnobu
2014-07-30* process.c (rlimit_resource_type, rlimit_resource_value):ktsj
2014-07-25introduce ZALLOC{,_N} to replace ALLOC{,_N}+MEMZERO usenormal
2014-06-04re.c: consider name encodingnobu
2014-06-04re.c: reduce new stringsnobu
2014-06-04re.c: fix name with NULnobu
2014-06-02encoding.h: constify rb_encodingnobu
2014-06-01constify rb_encoding and OnigEncodingnobu
2014-03-28string.c: infect match resultnobu
2014-03-28string.c: backref substitutionnobu
2014-03-27string.c: search by rb_str_indexnobu