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2011-06-17* internal.h: declare internal functions here.akr
2011-05-29* re.c (rb_reg_match): fix rdoc of Regexp#=~.naruse
2011-05-12 * re.c (Init_Regexp): Document option constants. Patch by Vincentdrbrain
2011-02-02* re.c (Init_Regexp): added a constant for ARG_ENCODING_NONEtenderlove
2011-01-27 * re.c (rb_reg_raise): add GC guard to prevent intermediatekosaki
2010-12-29Sorry, commit miss of r30412.usa
2010-12-27* re.c: parenthesize macro arguments.akr
2010-12-02Revert "* re.c (rb_reg_initialize): don't set US-ASCII to regexp"naruse
2010-12-02* re.c (rb_reg_initialize): don't set US-ASCII to regexpnaruse
2010-11-26* re.c (rb_reg_initialize_str): should succeed the taint status fromusa
2010-10-04* random.c (rand_init): remove useless assignment.naruse
2010-08-23* re.c (rb_reg_search): fix: 4th argument should be regexpnaruse
2010-07-23* re.c (rb_reg_expr_str): fixed out-of-boundary access at invalidnobu
2010-07-22* re.c (rb_reg_expr_str): fix broken Regexp#inspect when itnaruse
2010-06-05* re.c (rb_reg_expr_str): ASCII incompatible stringsnaruse
2010-06-01* re.c (unescape_nonascii): \P{FOO} is also Unicode regexp. [ruby-core:30540]naruse
2010-05-20* re.c (rb_reg_s_union_m): update rdoc. [ruby-dev:41354]mame
2010-05-17* proc.c (proc_lambda, unnamed_parameters): Small documentation fixes.marcandre
2010-05-17* array.c: Documentation: change => in call-seq to ->.marcandre
2010-05-12* re.c (rb_reg_initialize_m): fix wrong index for the langnaruse
2010-05-11Add description about Regexp(str, opt, lang). [ruby-core:29893]naruse
2010-05-08* error.c: RDoc for subclasses of Exception. [ruby-core:28394]marcandre
2010-04-30* eval.c (make_exception, rb_obj_extend): Fix error messages in case of wrongmarcandre
2010-04-10* lib/rdoc: Import RDoc 2.5.2drbrain
2010-04-05* re.c (make_regexp): use onig_new_with_source to keepnaruse
2010-03-09* re.c (rb_reg_to_s): remove unused variable.naruse
2010-03-01* include/ruby/oniguruma.h: updated to follow Oniguruma 5.9.2.matz
2010-02-13* marshal.c (r_object0): register regexp object before encodingnobu
2010-02-13* re.c (match_aref): fixed indent.nobu
2009-11-26* removed spaces just before tabs.nobu
2009-09-30* re.c (last_match): add "thread and method" to the scope.naruse
2009-09-29* re.c (last_match): Added note to the doc that last_match is local to curren...marcandre
2009-09-17* doc/re.rb: New document for Ruby's fork of Oniguruma.naruse
2009-09-10* parse.y (rb_char_to_option_kcode): ASCII-8BIT should also delay.naruse
2009-09-08* re.c (rb_reg_hash): must calculate hash.nobu
2009-09-08* include/ruby/st.h (st_hash_func): use st_index_t.nobu
2009-09-05* re.c (Init_Regexp): new methods. [ruby-core:24748]nobu
2009-09-04* re.c (update_char_offset): position should be long.nobu
2009-09-04* re.c (update_char_offset):nobu
2009-08-30*regparse.c (CC_DUP_WARN): use rb_compile_warn if ScanEnv has sourcenaruse
2009-08-27* re.c (rb_reg_preprocess_dregexp): set encoding as ASCII-8BITnaruse
2009-08-14* re.c (rb_reg_preprocess_dregexp): change Exception class tonaruse
2009-08-05Fix error message of /.../n with embeded non ASCII-8BIT string.naruse
2009-07-18use rb_enc_get to get the encoding of a Regexp object.naruse
2009-06-30* re.c (reg_match_pos): adjust offset based on characters, notmatz
2009-06-30* include/ruby/oniguruma.h, include/ruby/re.h, re.c, regcomp.c,nobu
2009-03-17* dir.c, dln.c, parse.y, re.c, ruby.c, sprintf.c, strftime.c,nobu
2009-03-14* string.c (rb_str_subpat): accept capture name.akr
2009-03-14* util.c (ruby_scan_oct, ruby_scan_hex): use size_t.nobu
2009-02-22stripped trailing spaces.nobu