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2019-04-11merge revision(s) 67468: [Backport #15757]naruse
2018-12-21range.c: reject ArithmeticSequence in rb_range_valuesmrkn
2018-12-12range.c: [DOC] fix typostomar
2018-12-12range.c: Typo fix [DOC] [ci skip] [#15405]marcandre
2018-12-12range.c: Documentation on endless ranges.marcandre
2018-12-12enumerator.c: rb_arithmetic_sequence_extractmrkn
2018-12-06Prefer rb_check_arity when 0 or 1 argumentsnobu
2018-10-12range.c: [DOC] improve docs for Range#cover?stomar
2018-09-28Adjust indent [ci skip]nobu
2018-09-28Add Range#% to call-seq [ci skip]kazu
2018-09-28range.c: Add Range#%mrkn
2018-09-12[DOC] Modify descriptions for ArithmeticSequencemrkn
2018-09-05range.c: Range#cover? accepts Range object. [Feature #14473]tarui
2018-08-20Remove extra semicolonkazu
2018-08-06enumerator.c: Introduce Enumerator::ArithmeticSequencemrkn
2018-07-08range.c: [DOC] small improvementstomar
2018-06-22range.c: Range#last and #max raises a RangeError if it is endlessmame
2018-06-22range.c: Range#size now returns Float::INFINITY if it is endlessmame
2018-06-22range.c: Range#to_a now raises RangeError if it is endlessmame
2018-06-13Revert "range.c: prohibit `(1..nil)`"mame
2018-06-13range.c: prohibit `(1..nil)`mame
2018-05-17range.c: === by cover?nobu
2018-04-29range.c: optimize range_each for Bignumnobu
2018-04-28range.c: endless symbol rangenobu
2018-04-28string.c: adjust to rb_str_upto_eachnobu
2018-04-28range.c: each on endless rangenobu
2018-04-20range.c: step in bignumnobu
2018-04-20range.c: fix fixnum loop conditionnobu
2018-04-19internal.h: use the same declaration as definitionk0kubun
2018-04-19Prefer CONST_ID to static global IDsmame
2018-04-19range.c: Make Range#bsearch support endless rangesmame
2018-04-19Make Range#min, max, include?, cover?, and === to support endless rangemame
2018-04-19Introduce endless range [Feature#12912]mame
2018-02-26Use RB_INTEGER_TYPE_P instead of rb_obj_is_kind_ofmrkn
2017-10-25range.c: use rb_check_funcallnobu
2017-10-25range.c: check if exclude_end? is definednobu
2017-05-30Improve performance of Range#{min,max}watson1978
2017-04-26range.c: remove no longer used variablenobu
2017-04-25no longer rescue exceptions of #<=> when initializing a Rangeeregon
2016-11-11range.c: check loadingnobu
2016-11-10range.c: check if range modifiablenobu
2016-11-10range.c: indent [ci skip]nobu
2016-10-05* range.c: Add docs for max/min behavior with exclusive range.hsbt
2016-09-08replace fixnum by integer in documents.akr
2016-07-25range.c: check_step_domainnobu
2016-01-23* range.c (range_eqq): revert r11113 because rb_call_super() isshugo
2015-12-03range.c: infected by the receivernobu
2015-10-28NameError#receiver of uninitialized constantnobu
2015-08-15range.c: call range_include directly if possiblenobu
2015-05-15range.c: move String specific codenobu