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2008-04-14* random.c (rb_genrand_int32, rb_genrand_real), intern.h: Export.knu
2007-11-08* random.c: update MT URL.[ruby-core:13305].matz
2007-07-11# the previous commit should include random.cnahi
2006-09-24* random.c (rb_f_rand): RDoc typo fix. a patch from Frederickmatz
2005-02-12* random.c (rand_init): suppress warning.nobu
2005-01-07* random.c (rand_init): use ALLOC_N instead of ALLOCA_Nakr
2005-01-06* random.c (random_seed): O_NONBLOCK isn't defined on someocean
2005-01-05* random.c (limited_big_rand): didn't work if SIZEOF_BDIGITS == 2.akr
2005-01-04* random.c (init_by_array): imported from mt19937ar-cok.tgz.akr
2005-01-03* random.c (random_seed): don't use /dev/urandom if it is not character device.akr
2005-01-03* random.c (random_seed): use /dev/urandom if available.akr
2004-03-15* eval.c (rb_yield_0): should not re-submit TAG_BREAK if thismatz
2003-12-28RDoc Struct and randomdave
2003-04-09* bignum.c (BIGZEROP): macro to determine if x is a bignum zero.matz
2003-04-08* random.c (rb_f_rand): normalize bignum argument.matz
2003-01-31* random.c (rb_f_rand): type fix.eban
2003-01-31* parse.y (yylex): remove EXPR_CMDARG according to the RHG book.matz
2003-01-16Updated Copyrights of Matz to 2003.michal
2002-09-17move struct timeval to missing.hmichal
2002-08-21*.c: Int vs Long cleanupmichal
2002-08-13* hash.c (rb_hash_replace): should copy ifnone.matz
2002-07-26* random.c (N, M): undef for <winnt.h> on MinGW.eban
2002-07-26* random.c: replace with Mersenne Twister RNG.matz
2002-04-25* various files: macro fix-up by Michal Rokos.matz
2002-04-18* re.c (rb_reg_expr_str): should treat backslash specially inmatz
2002-04-11* random.c (rand_init): add check for initstate(3).eban
2002-02-27* io.c (READ_DATA_PENDING): uClibc support.eban
2001-02-14* dir.c (dir_s_glob): supprt backslash escape of metacharactersmatz
2000-08-03matz - nakada win32 patchmatz
1999-10-27unsigned seedmatz
1999-09-01regexp literal (e.g. \202) match, etc.matz
1999-01-20This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r372,matz
1998-01-16This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r11,matz
1998-01-16Initial revisionv1_0_r2replacedmatz
2019-08-17version 1.0-971002v1_0_971002Yukihiro Matsumoto
2019-08-17version 1.0-961225v1_0_961225Yukihiro Matsumoto
2019-08-17version 0.99.4-961224v0_99_4_961224Yukihiro Matsumoto
2019-08-17version 0.95v0_95Yukihiro Matsumoto
2019-08-17version 0.76v0_76Yukihiro Matsumoto