path: root/process.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-12-22Use idExceptionnobu
2018-12-04process.c (retry_fork_async_signal_safe): fix -Wclobberednobu
2018-12-03process.c (retry_fork_async_signal_safe): fix -Wclobbered on i686normal
2018-12-03process.c: fix ETXTBUSY from MJIT compiler processnormal
2018-12-03process.c (rb_execarg_init): mark as staticnormal
2018-12-03process.c (rb_f_system): cleanup to use rb_execarg_getnormal
2018-11-26process.c: avoid dlclose before execk0kubun
2018-11-26Revert "process.c: try to workaroun SEGV by r65994"k0kubun
2018-11-26process.c: try to workaroun SEGV by r65994k0kubun
2018-11-26process.c: finish MJIT prior to #execk0kubun
2018-11-22io + socket: make pipes and sockets nonblocking by defaultnormal
2018-11-20process.c: do not try to pause MJITk0kubun
2018-11-19revert r65807k0kubun
2018-11-19process.c: do not run signal handler before forkk0kubun
2018-11-18* expand tabs.svn
2018-11-18mjit_worker.c: support MJIT in forked Ruby processk0kubun
2018-10-30support theap for T_HASH. [Feature #14989]ko1
2018-10-30process.c: implement rb_f_system without toggling ruby_nocldwaitnormal
2018-10-30revert r65434normal
2018-10-29* expand tabs.svn
2018-10-29process.c: implement rb_f_system without toggling ruby_nocldwaitnormal
2018-10-19rb_sigwait_sleep: change internal API to use rb_hrtime_tnormal
2018-10-12process.c: [DOC] improve docs for Process.groupsstomar
2018-10-10* expand tabs.svn
2018-10-10revisit `RARRAY_PTR()`.ko1
2018-09-19process.c (waitpid_cleanup): unconditionally remove from waitersnormal
2018-08-27process.c: fix potential missed wakeups in r64576normal
2018-08-27process.c: simplify SIGCHLD-based waitpidnormal
2018-08-26process.c: remove worthless waitpid_sys macronormal
2018-08-21Re-Revert "Temporary revert "process.c: dead code when no SIGCHLD""naruse
2018-08-18Temporary revert "process.c: dead code when no SIGCHLD"naruse
2018-08-17process.c: dead code when no SIGCHLDnobu
2018-08-16process.c: defaults to close_others falsenormal
2018-08-16thread_pthread.c: reduce ubf_timer arming for non-signal wakeupsnormal
2018-08-13thread_pthread.c: eliminate timer thread by restructuring GVLnormal
2018-08-10Fix a typo [ci skip]kazu
2018-08-10process.c: fix rubyspec of Process.groupsmrkn
2018-08-09process.c: don't wait JIT queue flush on rb_f_execk0kubun
2018-08-09process.c: fix outdated mjit_pause declarationk0kubun
2018-08-06thread_pthread.c: restore timer-thread for now :<normal
2018-08-06process.c: ensure th->interrupt lock is held when migratingnormal
2018-08-05process.c (rb_waitpid): reduce sigwait_fd bouncingnormal
2018-08-05thread_pthread: stop trying to deal with cancellationnormal
2018-07-30move #pragma out of functionsshyouhei
2018-07-30reduce copy & pasteshyouhei
2018-07-30process.c (waitpid_nogvl): prevent conflicting use of sleep_condnormal
2018-07-29thread_pthread: remove timer-thread by restructuring GVLnormal
2018-07-26process.c: conditionally used functionsnobu
2018-07-26fork() is deprecated on Solarisnobu
2018-07-24Try to suppress warning on some CIkazu