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2013-10-29* add RUBY_TYPED_FREE_IMMEDIATELY to data types which only useko1
2013-10-27process.c: Process::Tmsnobu
2013-10-15* process.c: Fix a typo. MacOS X don't have ENOTSUPP.akr
2013-09-21process.c: remove cloexec settingnobu
2013-09-09* process.c: Remove spaces between SI prefix and unit to followakr
2013-09-03* process.c (rb_clock_gettime): Support times() based monotonic clock.akr
2013-09-01* process.c (get_mach_timebase_info): Extracted from rb_clock_gettime.akr
2013-09-01process.c: suppress warningnobu
2013-08-31* process.c (rb_clock_getres): New method.akr
2013-08-26fix typokazu
2013-08-24* process.c (rb_clock_gettime): The emulated clock names changed.akr
2013-08-23* process.c (rb_clock_gettime): Add a cast to fix compile error byakr
2013-08-23process.c: no symbol cachenobu
2013-08-23* process.c (reduce_factors): New function.akr
2013-08-23* process.c (timetick_int_t): Renamed from timetick_giga_count_t.akr
2013-08-23Fix the previous commit.akr
2013-08-23* process.c (gcd_ul): New function.akr
2013-08-23process.c: suppress warningsnobu
2013-08-22* process.c (rb_clock_gettime): Strip "s" from unit names.akr
2013-08-22* process.c (unsigned_clock_t): Defined.akr
2013-08-21Exchange order of ISO_C_CLOCK_BASED_CLOCK_PROCESS_CPUTIME_ID andakr
2013-08-21* process.c (rb_clock_gettime): Change emulation symbols forakr
2013-08-21* process.c (make_clock_result): Extracted from rb_clock_gettime.akr
2013-08-21* process.c (rb_clock_gettime): clock() based CLOCK_PROCESS_CPUTIME_IDakr
2013-08-21* process.c (rb_proc_times): Use RB_GC_GUARD to guard objects from GC.akr
2013-08-21* process.c (get_clk_tck): Extracted from rb_proc_times.akr
2013-08-21* process.c: POSIX_GETTIMEOFDAY_CLOCK_REALTIME is renamed toakr
2013-08-21* process.c (rb_clock_gettime): CLOCK_PROCESS_CPUTIME_ID emulationakr
2013-08-19process.c: retry fork if ENOMEMnobu
2013-08-19* process.c (Init_process): Add constants: CLOCK_REALTIME_ALARM andakr
2013-08-18* process.c (rb_clock_gettime): Rename POSIX_TIME_CLOCK_REALTIME toakr
2013-08-18* process.c (Init_process): Add constants: CLOCK_REALTIME_COARSE,akr
2013-08-17* process.c: [DOC] MACH_ABSOLUTE_TIME_CLOCK_MONOTONIC is aneregon
2013-08-17* process.c: revert r42591. Only an emulation is available on Darwin.eregon
2013-08-16* process.c (rb_clock_gettime): document CLOCK_REALTIME anderegon
2013-08-16process.c: downcastnobu
2013-08-15* process.c (rb_clock_gettime): add CLOCK_MONOTONIC support on OS X.naruse
2013-08-15* process.c (rb_clock_gettime): [DOC] FreeBSD 7.1 supportsakr
2013-08-12* process.c: [DOC] RDoc formatting of Process.clock_gettimezzak
2013-08-11[DOC] update doc.akr
2013-08-11* process.c (rb_clock_gettime): New method.akr
2013-08-05* process.c: [DOC] Document caveats of command form of Process.spawnzzak
2013-07-11* process.c (rb_daemon): daemon(3) is implemented with fork(2).naruse
2013-07-10process.c: kill threads in daemon processnobu
2013-06-30process.c: remove ineffective assignmentnobu
2013-06-30win32: UTF-8 spawnnobu
2013-06-30process.c: default process encodingnobu