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2012-04-14merge revision(s) 35249,35250: [Backport #6296]naruse
2012-04-03merge revision(s) 35221:nobu
2011-08-19* process.c (proc_spawn_v, proc_spawn): should not wait thenobu
2011-07-20* backport r32579, r32581, r32587 by akr and r32588 by kazu.akr
2011-07-10* process.c (rb_exec_arg_addopt): fix preprocess condition.nobu
2011-07-09comment clarification. Only Leopard or earlier has ENOTSUPP kosaki
2011-06-28* process.c (rb_daemon): fix wrong #endif position.naruse
2011-06-27* thread_pthread.c: Stop polling in the timer thread when there areko1
2011-06-24* process.c (proc_daemon): should not start timer threadnobu
2011-06-20* process.c (before_exec): use sig_do_nothing instead of SIG_DFLkosaki
2011-06-18* method.h, internal.h iseq.h: declare internal functions.akr
2011-06-17* internal.h: declare internal functions here.akr
2011-06-05* eval.c: remove rb_thread_stop_timer_thread function declaration.kosaki
2011-05-28* process.c (before_exec, after_exec): change from macro to function.kosaki
2011-05-28* process.c (before_exec, after_exec): change SIGPIPE handler to SIG_DFLkosaki
2011-05-14 * process.c (rb_proc_times): improve documentation.nagachika
2011-05-12 * re.c (Init_Regexp): Document option constants. Patch by Vincentdrbrain
2011-03-10* process.c (proc_getmaxgroups, proc_setmaxgroups): Process#maxgroupskosaki
2011-03-10* process.c (get_sc_ngroups_max): return -1 if platform don'tkosaki
2011-03-08* process.c (proc_setgroups): cleanup.kosaki
2011-03-08* process.c (get_sc_ngroups_max): fix indent.nobu
2011-03-08* process.c (get_sc_ngroups_max): try to use NGROUPS_MAX at first ifkosaki
2011-03-08* process.c (proc_setgroups): use getgrnam() if getgrnam_r() isnobu
2011-03-08* process.c: RARRAY_LEN() returns long int.nobu
2011-03-07* process.c (get_sc_ngroups_max): define to wrap sysconf(3).naruse
2011-03-07* process.c (maxgroups): cast because sysconf(3)'s return value is long.naruse
2011-03-07small cleanup.kosaki
2011-03-07* process.c (proc_setgroups): replace getgrnam() with getgrnam_r()kosaki
2011-03-07* process.c (proc_getmaxgroups, proc_setmaxgroups): refrectkosaki
2011-03-07cancel subversion backfire. sorrymatz
2011-03-07* gc.c (rb_gc_set_params): allow GC parameter configuration bymatz
2011-03-07* process.c: NUM2RLIM is defined but no getrlimit and setrlimit onnobu
2011-03-06* process.c (proc_getgroups): get rid of maxgroups dependency.kosaki
2011-03-06* rlim_t use standard RUBY_REPLACE_TYPE mechanism.kosaki
2011-03-06* process.c (proc_setmaxgroups): added negative value check.kosaki
2011-03-06* process.c (maxgroups, proc_setmaxgroups): increase max groupskosaki
2011-03-03* process.c (check_exec_redirect_fd, check_exec_redirect): raiseusa
2011-02-08* process.c (rb_run_exec_options_err): use MODET2NUM() instead LONG2NUM().kosaki
2011-02-07 * process.c (proc_setgroups): add GC guard to prevent intermediatenagachika
2011-01-28 * Added mode_t type checking.kosaki
2011-01-27* process.c (ALLOC_ARGV_WITH_STR): fix void pointer arithmetic.nobu
2011-01-26* process.c (proc_exec_v, rb_proc_exec_n, rb_proc_exec)nobu
2010-12-29update doc.akr
2010-12-26 * process.c (before_exec): add small comment.kosaki
2010-12-23* process.c: parenthesize macro arguments.akr
2010-11-05 * process.c (p_uid_change_privilege, p_gid_change_privilege):nobu
2010-11-05* process.c (rb_fork_err): save errinfo before fdopen.nobu
2010-11-05* process.c (proc_spawn_v): should spawn, not exec.nobu
2010-11-04* process.c (proc_exec_v, proc_spawn_v): try to execute with sh ifnobu
2010-09-12update document.akr