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2008-10-09 * include/ruby/ruby.h: embeds the elements of an array into itsyugui
2008-09-26* parse.y (primary, brace_block): fix for line number.nobu
2008-09-23* include/ruby/node.h, vm_core.h: move definition ofko1
2008-09-06* proc.c (Init_Proc): add '===' operator to use procs in whenmatz
2008-08-20* proc.c (proc_new): use the given class.nobu
2008-07-31* proc.c (rb_proc_call_with_block): reduce comparison.mame
2008-07-30* proc.c (rb_proc_call_with_block): prevent null reference.mame
2008-07-02* eval.c (Init_eval), gc.c (Init_GC), proc.c (Init_Proc): freezenobu
2008-07-01* proc.c, vm.c: fix to refer next ruby level cfp to make binding.ko1
2008-06-19* proc.c (proc_new): fix to return Proc object if block is alreadyko1
2008-06-15* vm_core.h (rb_vm_t), vm.c (rb_vm_mark): moved preallocated specialnobu
2008-06-10* vm.c, eval_intern.h (PASS_PASSED_BLOCK):ko1
2008-06-10* include/ruby/intern.h, proc.c: revert rb_proc_call() andko1
2008-06-09* include/ruby/ruby.h, vm_core.h: add a type rb_blockptr.mame
2008-06-08* vm_insnhelper.c, vm.c, proc.c : revert r17021. [ruby-dev:34997]wanabe
2008-06-08* vm_insnhelper.c, vm.c, proc.c (proc_call): allow call method withwanabe
2008-06-08* array.c, bignum.c, cont.c, dir.c, dln.c, encoding.c, enumerator.c,ko1
2008-05-31* suppress warnings with -Wwrite-string.nobu
2008-05-24* eval_method.c: renamed from vm_method.c. "vm_method.c" is includedko1
2008-05-21* proc.c (proc_dup): should copy safe_level from src procmatz
2008-05-19* vm.c, insns.def, eval.c, vm_insnhelper.c: fix CREF handling.ko1
2008-04-28* proc.c (method_name): should return symbols instead of strings.matz
2008-03-30* proc.c (proc_dup): should copy is_lambda attribute as well.matz
2008-03-09fix doc.akr
2008-02-13* proc.c (proc_curry): new method. [ruby-dev:33676]mame
2008-02-09fix typos.akr
2008-01-11* proc.c (proc_mark): needs to mark the receiver too. a patch fromnobu
2008-01-06* $Date$ keyword removed to avoid inclusion of locale dependentakr
2008-01-05update rdoc.akr
2007-12-26update lambda? doc.akr
2007-12-25* proc.c (method_inspect): preserve encoding of the method name.matz
2007-12-24update Proc#lambda? doc.akr
2007-12-24* proc.c (method_name): preserve Symbol's encoding.matz
2007-12-24* iseq.c (Init_ISeq): disable ISeq.load() because there is no verifier.ko1
2007-12-24update Proc#lambda? doc.akr
2007-12-24* proc.c (rb_proc_new), vm.c (invoke_block): removed u3.state magic.nobu
2007-12-23Proc#lambda? documented.akr
2007-12-20* proc.c: support Proc#binding.ko1
2007-12-20*, vm.c, vm_core.h: change interface ofko1
2007-12-17* proc.c (rb_obj_public_method): Object#public_method to retrievematz
2007-12-05* proc.c (rb_proc_s_new): call initialize. [ruby-core:13824]nobu
2007-11-22* (vm_search_normal_superclass): rename function.matz
2007-10-01* proc.c (proc_dup): proc->block.proc should be self.ko1
2007-09-28* include/ruby/intern.h: export rb_ivar_foreach.akr
2007-08-30* proc.c (rb_obj_define_method): reverted. [ruby-talk:266637]nobu
2007-08-19* (vm_call_bmethod): fix to propagate informationko1
2007-08-14* proc.c (Init_Proc), eval.c (Init_eval), eval_intern.h: moveko1
2007-07-12* blockinlining.c: remove "yarv" prefix.ko1
2007-06-30* yarvcore.h: some refactoring on rb_iseq_t.ko1
2007-06-29* proc.c (proc_new): fix to return a proc objectko1