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2018-07-25Remove obsolete comment from Module#define_method documentationtenderlove
2018-06-03Add TracePoint#parametersmame
2018-05-23remove VM_ENV_DATA_INDEX_ENV_PROC.ko1
2018-04-03proc.c: fix segfault when no singleton classnobu
2018-04-03Fix Kernel#singleton_method with Module#Prependnobu
2018-03-21Remove outdated proc.c binding comment.nobu
2018-02-16no ID cache in Init functionsnobu
2018-02-04mjit_compile.c: merge initial JIT compilerk0kubun
2018-01-30proc: fix super_method segfault after bindnormal
2018-01-22use predefined IDskazu
2018-01-07Speedup `` [Feature #14330]ko1
2018-01-02explicit cast to void* required for %pshyouhei
2017-12-28`$SAFE` as a process global state. [Feature #14250]ko1
2017-12-28proc.c: empty iseq namesnobu
2017-12-26proc.c (bind_location): Add Binding#source_locationmame
2017-12-12Add Method#=== that invokes #calla_matsuda
2017-11-29Make Module#{define|alias|undef|remove}_method public [#14133]marcandre
2017-11-16provide rb_vm_make_proc/lambda().ko1
2017-11-02proc.c: fix rdoc for Method class documentationstomar
2017-11-02proc.c: further improve docs for {Method,Proc}#aritystomar
2017-11-02proc.c: improve docs for {Method,Proc}#aritystomar
2017-10-28`th` -> `ec` for rb_vm_call()ko1
2017-10-28* proc.c (rb_block_arity): use `ec` directly.ko1
2017-10-28* proc.c (proc_new): use `ec` directly.ko1
2017-10-28`th` -> `ec` for rb_vm_make_binding().ko1
2017-10-28move fields from `th` to `ec`.ko1
2017-10-27`th` -> `ec` for block related functions.ko1
2017-10-27move decl.ko1
2017-10-27Restore the prototype declaration of rb_vm_bh_to_procvalmame
2017-10-26rb_vm_bh_to_procval() accepts `ec` instead of `th`.ko1
2017-10-26introduce EC_*_TAG() instead of TH_*_TAG()ko1
2017-10-26some functions accept `ec` instead of `th`.ko1
2017-10-26Use rb_execution_context_t instead of rb_thread_tko1
2017-10-24* remove trailing spaces.svn
2017-10-24Lazy Proc allocation for block parametersko1
2017-10-06proc.c: super_method of included methodnobu
2017-10-06proc.c: prefer name method result to inspectnobu
2017-09-02proc.c: [DOC] fixup r59720rhe
2017-09-02Add Method#original_name code example [ci skip]nobu
2017-08-29fix error message.ko1
2017-08-10Fiber#to_s (#inspect) return richer information.ko1
2017-07-18vm_eval.c: rb_lambda_callnobu
2017-07-18proc.c: rb_block_min_max_aritynobu
2017-06-23use "enum ruby_tag_type" and TAG_NONE.ko1
2017-06-14proc.c: infect inspect resultnobu
2017-06-14proc.c: skip prepended modulesnobu
2017-06-12* proc.c (get_local_variable_ptr): return found env ptr. Returned envko1
2017-06-01make Binding object WB protected.ko1
2017-06-01rename absolute_path to realpath internally and introduce pathobj.ko1