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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
10 daysAssign temporary ID to anonymous ID [Bug #18250]Nobuyoshi Nakada
12 daysRefactor hacky ID tables to struct rb_ast_id_table_tYusuke Endoh
2021-11-18Anonymous block forwarding allows a method to forward a passedJeremy Evans
2021-11-12parse.y: Fix memory leak at parse errorYusuke Endoh
2021-11-08[Feature #18290] Remove all usages of rb_gc_force_recyclePeter Zhu
2021-10-31Argument forwarding definition without parentheses [Bug #18267]Nobuyoshi Nakada
2021-10-31Rename `in_kwarg` as `in_argdef` as unrelated to keywordsNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-10-31Reduce parser stack usage at pattern matchingNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-10-26Make new object for negated float as `Float` is always frozen nowNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-10-26ast.c: Use kept script_lines data instead of re-opening the source file (#5019)Yusuke Endoh
2021-10-21`RubyVM.keep_script_lines`Koichi Sasada
2021-10-18Fix evaluation order of hash values for duplicate keysJeremy Evans
2021-10-08Remove duplicate value checks on `mrhs` which always has the valueNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-10-05Split parser_yyerror0 from parser_yyerrorNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-10-05Show the last line at unexpected end-of-input errorNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-10-05Replace inaccurate error messagesNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-10-04The same warning for static symbol literalNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-10-04Fix the warning message for dynamic symbol literal in conditionNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-09-14Use `%printer` directive for Bison 3.8Nobuyoshi Nakada
2021-09-11Hash values should be omitted in Ripper resultsShugo Maeda
2021-09-11Allow value omission in Hash literalsShugo Maeda
2021-09-05Replace RBOOL macroS-H-GAMELINKS
2021-08-24Moved exported symbols in internal/util.h to ruby/util.hNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-08-20ast.c: Rename "save_script_lines" to "keep_script_lines"Yusuke Endoh
2021-08-19Allow omission of parentheses in one line pattern matching [Feature #16182]Kazuki Tsujimoto
2021-08-15Extract the wrapped value when yydebug [Bug #18075]Nobuyoshi Nakada
2021-07-21Fix interpolated heredoceileencodes
2021-07-17One-line pattern matching is no longer experimentalKazuki Tsujimoto
2021-07-15Add pattern matching pin support for instance/class/global variablesJeremy Evans
2021-06-18node.h: Reduce struct size to fit with Ruby object size (five VALUEs)Yusuke Endoh
2021-06-18ast.rb: RubyVM::AST.parse and .of accepts `save_script_lines: true`Yusuke Endoh
2021-06-17Adjust styles [ci skip]Nobuyoshi Nakada
2021-06-14parse.y: Fix the location of a target constant of OP_CDECLYusuke Endoh
2021-06-03Warn more duplicate literal hash keysNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-06-03Warn more duplicate literal hash keysNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-05-21ripper: wrap endless method in bodystmt [Bug #17869]Nobuyoshi Nakada
2021-05-13Also `\U` after control/meta is invalid [Bug #17861]Nobuyoshi Nakada
2021-05-12Fix handling of control/meta escapes in literal regexpsJeremy Evans
2021-05-13parse.y: Allow "command" syntax in endless method definitionYusuke Endoh
2021-04-27Make imemo_ast WB-protected againYusuke Endoh
2021-03-23Ignore useless separators preceding a file encoding commentNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-03-21Pattern matching pin operator against expression [Feature #17411]Kazuki Tsujimoto
2021-02-15Add a missing semicolon.Takashi Tamura
2021-01-26Removed YYUSE [Bug #17582]Nobuyoshi Nakada
2021-01-14Return new NODE_LITNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-01-14Ensure symbol list node is either NODE_STR or NODE_DSTRNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-01-13Capture to reserved name variables if already defined [Bug #17533]Nobuyoshi Nakada
2021-01-09parse.y: handle "duplicated argument name" appropriately on ripper.yNobuhiro IMAI
2021-01-04Fixed error message when % at EOFNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-01-01Make args info for RubyVM::AST to available on endless method without parensMasataka Pocke Kuwabara