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2012-04-14* variable.c (trace_ev): Removed "not reached" comment as this line isdrbrain
2012-04-13* encoding.c (rb_enc_codepoint_len): Use UNREACHABLE to avoid "controldrbrain
2012-04-10* pack.c (pack_pack): Warn when an invalid character is found in thedrbrain
2012-03-11* pack.c (pack_unpack): when unpack('M') occurs an illegal bytenaruse
2011-12-05* class.c (rb_obj_methods), compile.c (iseq_compile_each),nobu
2011-09-29* use RB_TYPE_P which is optimized for constant types, instead ofnobu
2011-05-15* remove trailing spaces.nobu
2011-05-06update doc.akr
2011-01-14* pack.c (pack_unpack): the resulted string of unpack('M') must havenaruse
2011-01-08* pack.c (swapf): compilation condition simplified.akr
2011-01-08* pack.c (swapd): remove duplicated code.akr
2010-12-20* pack.c: parenthesize macro arguments.akr
2010-11-15* pack.c (PACK_ITEM_ADJUST): return nil not result array and yieldnobu
2010-10-18Revert r29527. [ruby-dev:42419]naruse
2010-10-18* pack.c (pack_pack): Add native size option ! to q and Q.naruse
2010-10-18* pack.c (pack_pack): refine the document. [ruby-dev:42397]akr
2010-10-15* pack.c (pack_pack): simplify comparison of explicit_endiannaruse
2010-10-15* pack.c (pack_pack): fix more than one modifiers appear in thenaruse
2010-10-15Add missing i, I description.naruse
2010-10-14* pack.c (pack_pack): support endian modifiers: < and >.naruse
2010-08-09update doc.akr
2010-07-22* include/ruby/{intern,io}.h: add missing prototypes.nobu
2010-06-28update doc.akr
2010-05-29* removed trailing spaces.nobu
2010-05-17* array.c: Documentation: change => in call-seq to ->.marcandre
2010-05-11update doc.akr
2010-05-10* pack.c (pack_unpack): add a missing break.akr
2010-03-11add comment.akr
2010-03-06useless lines removed.akr
2010-03-06* pack.c: fix the prototype of rb_big2ulong_pack.akr
2010-02-28* pack.c (pack_pack): use union to avoid pointer cast.akr
2010-02-28* pack.c (pack_pack): generalized integer packer implemented.akr
2010-02-27* pack.c (swap32): use __builtin_bswap32 on gcc 4.3.0 or later.akr
2010-02-27* pack.c: use integer types with explicit size.akr
2010-02-27* pack.c: check assuption on QUAD_SIZE and SIZEOF_LONG.akr
2010-02-26* pack.c: fix q and Q for big endian environments which have noakr
2010-02-26* pack.c (QUAD_SIZE): it should be always 8.akr
2010-02-26* pack.c (swap64): fix for VC6.nobu
2010-02-26* pack.c (pack_pack, pack_unpack): suppressed warnings.nobu
2010-02-25rdoc update.akr
2010-02-25* pack.c: consider DYNAMIC_ENDIAN. refactored.akr
2010-02-24remove a empty line.akr
2010-02-24remove a empty line.akr
2010-02-24* pack.c (swap64): don't redefine.akr
2010-02-24* pack.c (pack_unpack): don't use OFF32 for gcc 4.5.akr
2010-02-18* pack.c (pack_unpack): call PACK_ITEM_ADJUST for 'Q'.akr
2009-11-03fix typos.akr
2009-10-04* pack.c (NATINT_LEN, pack_pack): suppressed warnings.nobu
2009-03-12* array.c, bignum.c, dln.c, error.c, gc.c, io.c, marshal.c,nobu
2008-12-30* pack.c (pack_pack): replace all rb_Float() to rb_to_float().matz