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2016-05-17Use Integer instead of Fixnum and Bignum.akr
2016-04-22* variable.c: use uint32_t instead of long to avoid confusion aboutnaruse
2016-02-19object.c: fix error messagenobu
2016-01-12resolve class name earlier and more consistentlynormal
2015-12-30object.c: fix prepend cmpnobu
2015-12-29use id_table for constant tablesnormal
2015-12-13* object.c (rb_inspect): check the default internal encoding asshugo
2015-12-12object.c: raise TypeErrornobu
2015-12-10* object.c (rb_inspect): dump inspected result with rb_str_escape()naruse
2015-12-08compile optimized case dispatch for nil/true/falsenormal
2015-12-02encoding.c: defer finding encodingnobu
2015-11-16struct.c: dignobu
2015-11-12Module#<=> is not suitable for Comparable.akr
2015-11-09vm_eval.c: rb_check_funcall_defaultnobu
2015-10-28NameError#receiver of uninitialized constantnobu
2015-08-13object.c: rb_num_to_dblnobu
2015-08-07* object.c: [DOC] Improve grammar for Module#===zzak
2015-07-30variable.c: Module#deprecate_constantnobu
2015-07-29hash.c: move rb_obj_hashnobu
2015-07-02object.c: fix up r51039nobu
2015-06-26object.c: common prefix of converter methodsnobu
2015-06-24vm_method.c: remove redundant checknobu
2015-06-20* object.c (rb_obj_taint): [DOC] $SAFE=3 is obsolete.ktsj
2015-06-17* include/ruby/ruby.h: $SAFE=3 is now obsolete.hsbt
2015-03-18* object.c (rb_obj_clone): do not touch age (FL_PROMOTED[01]) becauseko1
2015-03-05* internal.h: remove struct method_table_wrapper.ko1
2015-02-16use rb_funcallvnobu
2014-12-09object.c: [DOC] Revise documentationnobu
2014-11-25object.c: preserve encodingsnobu
2014-11-21get rid of inadvertent ID creationnobu
2014-11-18* internal.h: Gather declarations in non-header files.akr
2014-11-17object.c: fix error messagenobu
2014-11-15* internal.h: Include ruby.h and ruby/encoding.h to beakr
2014-11-08* object.c (Module#const_defined?): [DOC] Revise the documentation.eregon
2014-11-04* object.c: fix document of Kernel.Stirng by @suzukazehsbt
2014-10-14* error.c: [DOC] Fix case of type in exception message by @tricknoteszzak
2014-09-25object.c (rb_class_real): do not dereference 0 VALUEnormal
2014-09-11* include/ruby/ruby.h: freeze nil/true/false.ko1
2014-09-08* gc.c: add incremental GC algorithm. [Feature #10137]ko1
2014-09-03object.c: fix memory leaknobu
2014-08-02object.c: Object#itsefnobu
2014-07-28add some documents [ci skip]nobu
2014-07-09* parse.y: change Symbol <-> ID relationship to avoidko1
2014-06-23object.c: rb_obj_copy_ivarnobu
2014-06-07* object.c (rb_mod_initialize_clone): Override Kernel#initialize_cloneakr
2014-05-20id.def: predefine to_inobu
2014-05-20id.def: predefine conversion method IDsnobu
2014-05-08object.c: no longer copy tables of classes/modulesnobu