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2012-02-09merge revision(s) 34277: [Backport #5881]naruse
2011-07-27 * object.c: Add usage documentation for BasicObject. Based on patchdrbrain
2011-06-29 * math.c: Attach documentation for Math.drbrain
2011-06-27 * object.c (Init_Object): Teach RDoc what Init_class_hierarchy does todrbrain
2011-06-18* method.h, internal.h iseq.h: declare internal functions.akr
2011-06-18* include/ruby/backward/classext.h: for evil gems. fixed #4803nobu
2011-06-17* internal.h: declare internal functions here.akr
2011-06-17 * object.c: Document Module#method_added and #method_removed.drbrain
2011-05-27* object.c (rb_mod_attr_accessor, rb_mod_const_set): made rdocmarcandre
2011-05-18* internal.h: add for internal use only.nobu
2011-05-12 * object.c: format comments to keep 80 columns in a line.nagachika
2011-05-11 * object.c (rb_obj_equal): Add documentation. Patch by Vincent Batts.drbrain
2011-03-29 * string.c (rb_String): Kernel#String should call to_str before to_s.nagachika
2011-01-27 * object.c (rb_str_to_dbl): rewrite again. use ALLOCV insteadkosaki
2011-01-24 * object.c (rb_str_to_dbl): Fix again. use rb_str_tmp_new()kosaki
2011-01-24 * object.c (rb_str_to_dbl): use ALLOC_N instead ALLOCA_N becausekosaki
2010-10-30* object.c: Make accept no parameter.marcandre
2010-10-26* object.c (Init_Object), constant.h, variable.cmame
2010-10-26* class.c, constant.h, gc.c, method.h, object.c, variable.c,mame
2010-10-26* class.c, gc.c, object.c, variable.c, vm_insnhelper.c,mame
2010-10-24* array.c, gc.c, hash.c, object.c, string.c, struct.c,nobu
2010-10-19Commit miss.nobu
2010-10-19* test/ruby/test_sprintf.rb: fix ML ref. [ruby-core:32848]nobu
2010-09-18Improved doco for both and Class.newryan
2010-08-27* object.c (rb_obj_class): remove mention of obsolete method.usa
2010-08-20Add rdoc about Kernel#<=> [ruby-core:31770]naruse
2010-07-06* object.c (rb_f_integer): add example with base.nobu
2010-06-17* object.c: Object#public_methods, private_methods, etc. returnsmame
2010-05-29* removed trailing spaces.nobu
2010-05-28* gc.c : use simple lazy sweep algorithm for response performancenari
2010-05-23* ext/openssl/lib/openssl/x509-internal.rb, lib/forwardable.rb,nobu
2010-05-17* array.c: Documentation: change => in call-seq to ->.marcandre
2010-04-01* object.c (rb_cstr_to_dbl): return 0.0 if hexadecimal andnaruse
2010-03-23enable Object#inspect doc.akr
2010-03-23* object.c (rb_obj_singleton_class): new methodshugo
2010-03-21* object.c (rb_obj_hash): use LONG2FIX to avoid Bignum allocation.akr
2010-02-08* object.c (rb_obj_clone): call initialize_clone hook method tomatz
2010-01-13* object.c (rb_class_initialize): Make sure BasicObject doesn't get initializ...marcandre
2009-12-24* lib/object.c (rb_obj_cmp): Default <=> operator returns 0 if objects are ==...marcandre
2009-12-20* object.c: BasicObject#initialize accepts any number of arguments [ruby-core...marcandre
2009-11-03fix typos.akr
2009-11-01* object.c (convert_type): Cleanup unused variablemarcandre
2009-10-29* array.c (rb_ary_to_ary): do not use #respond_to? to detectmatz
2009-10-24* object.c (rb_obj_cmp): defines Object#<=>. [ruby-core:24063]matz
2009-10-21* object.c (rb_obj_inspect): print instance variables only whenmatz
2009-10-21* object.c (rb_obj_inspect): fixed rdoc about the case that to_snobu
2009-10-13* object.c (rb_mod_const_defined): rdoc fixmarcandre
2009-10-03* object.c (rb_f_integer): now Integer() takes optional basematz
2009-09-08* include/ruby/st.h (st_hash_func): use st_index_t.nobu
2009-08-31* class.c: refactored singleton class related matters.yugui